Your Airline Bucketlist

Everyone has a bucketlist. Even us aviation geeks. I want to know what airline and for what reason you want to fly before you go (or any other aviation related goal you have). I personally want to fly SQ in their A380 first class as that is just 😍

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Fly any Max 8 or fly any A350!

Then for travels probably Singapore or Hong Kong.



  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Cathay Pacific


  • A380
  • A350
  • Bombardier CS/A220

I have only 1:

Fly on a Qantas 747-400 before they are all gone!


787-10, (hopefully this summer EWR-LAX)
737 MAX 10


Mine is pretty pathetic:

  • Fly on an airline that is not Delta

  • Fly on a 737 (I’m serious)

  • Fly on a wide body aircraft

  • Fly on an international flight

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Fly A Max 8✅
Fly Air Canada ✅
note these will officially be done in March
Visit LA✅
Fly out of North America ✅
Fly to Australia ❎

Airlines I’ve flown on:
Cathay: A330 and a340
Qantas: 737, A330 and A380
Virgin Australia: 737, 777, A330, embayer
Delta: A321, A330, 737, C- series
EasyJet: A320
Air Europa: forgot plane
Finnair: A340
Jetstar: A320/21
Tigerair: A320
Emirates: A380 <3
EgyptAir: Forgot, I think A330
Dragonair: Airbus something
I’ll edit this when I have the others.

Planes I wanna go on:
A380 AGAIN hehe

Fly in Emirates First class at least once.


Etihad Residence.
And soon being fulfilled: Since my mom was an FA for United, we booked a free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket from HKG-SIN, after we were ask to standby for so long. Thanks to Star Alliance.

  1. KLM
  2. Transavia
  3. TUI

Fly one 3 day trip around the world. Meaning flying to several destinations over a 3 day period that takes me around the world making sure to take a flight direction that doesn’t go over the poles. Oh and yes use business class, need to be able to sleep on the flight comfortably.

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I want to go on every Air Baltic route, and also for some reason want to go an inta-european BA flight from Heathrow😂

Delta One A350
United Polaris (already flown Fauxlaris on a non modified 763)
Emirates First

jetBlue A321Neo coming this spring!
jetBlue A220 in the next few years!

I think the real question is, what is not on my aviation bucket list


It is honestly not something to greatly look forward to 😉.

My long time goal has been to fly on a private jet. I have had a couple of opportunities to do so, however due to circumstances I was unable to go. But after further thought, I’ve deducted it’s not the ability to go on a private jet on someone else’s money is what I want; I want to be able to afford it myself and pay for it myself. Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.


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