Your Aircraft Doesn't Ever Disappear Until You Spawn Elsewere

Since you might not understand what I mean, I will explain a scenario that would happen if this feature was ever implemented.

You fly your Dash to EGLC, land, taxi and park. You quit off the game due to you having something to do. Instead of your plane disappearing off the server, it remains at the airport and sits at that airport at that gate until your spawn your plane at KSEA and fly to Portland.

Let’s also say one player has parked at KFLL, however SoFlo hasn’t been active with traffic for an entire week. This could also track inactive people, if the plane isn’t just an aircraft who decided to fly in a sparse region.

Please explain if this is a good idea or not. I can understand it might not be a very bright idea, but comment below!


I don’t really understand what the use of this feature would be lol.


Oh, I forgot, this would crowd an airport with planes so that the gates would be filled up instead of having about 95% of the gates EMPTY.


Maybe when there isnt much traffic then I see a change on this. Imagine the amount of planes when you are at busy KNUC on PG…

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I think he is trying to say that to make a feature to pause the game so you can do something and when you return, the game will not restart, to the menu, like always, if you pause it for a long time to go to another app or you exit the app without close it. But honestly I still don’t get it…

No, it’s not that, it’s just to crowd airports. I mean, planes never just disappear from a gate. This would add realism.

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But for that we have Live…you mean that for solo mode?

Maybe this will keep planes away from airports like KNUC that were not designed for loads of planes.

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No, for Live.

The user quits, the airplane stays at the airport on a Live server until that player spawns somewhere else. It’s not for realism, it’s to crowd airports.

Do you mean use 2 planes at the time in different servers?

But what happens if you exit in flight?

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For the tenth time, this is just to make huge airports like KJFK lived in. When one quits off, their plane remains at KJFK until the user decides to fly in another region or at another airport. Eventually, a lot of the gates will be full. I mean if you went on KLAX PG right now or any time of the day the gates aren’t really full. With this new feature, and PG’s repetitive movement in SoCal, the airport would have rows and rows of planes. Get it now?


IF can currently track whether you’re in the air or on the ground. You disappear in the air to the nearest major airport, but on the ground you remain. Simple.

Ok but please low a little bit your tone, gee calm down😔

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My bad, I just have been explaining it simply repetitively, and you didn’t get it.



This would lead to so much lag.


Haha yeah the device I’m using now can barely handle a semi busy airport.


I see what you want to do. I think its great its just for older devices like mine it will lag up. Maybe in a few years though. I do like it though

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I actually really like this idea but it would cause a lot of lag for people.

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Maybe you could have a on/off switch to this. If you dont want to see offline people you could set it to off.