Your account is being used on another device

I just finished a flight and I’m doing another flight but it keeps saying your account is being used on another device. Restarted IF and my iPad still says it.

Which server were you flying on?

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Expert server

Same here, I can’t spawn

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Might be a server bug then or whatever you call it

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Yeah probably

Looking into it!


At the moment I have no issues spawning and respawning on Expert with both Android and iPadOS.


Working now!

I think it still shows my old flight in game

It did for me aswell

Thank you @schyllberg

@BritishPilot @Vinnepinnen - both of you were showing as active a few moments ago, but are not doing so right now.


Works now, thanks!

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Never had to do anything except logging on to it. Perhaps it got scared once I did and decided to behave.

Anyhow - good you’re in now! :)