"Your account is being used on another device"

Hi this message “Your account is being used on another device” Appeared while playing. I don’t have my account in any other device. I read this may be a server issue. What can I do? Does anyone know? :’/

I'm receiving an error saying that my account is being used on another device?

This can happen if the connection between your device and our servers times out multiple times in a shorter time period.

Usually it means the connection between you and us are unstable. Most of the times it resolves itself. But if it becomes a more recurring issue, further troubleshooting might be required.

This can also happen if you put Infinite Flight in the background to do other things on your device, as the app is then completely paused by the operating which could lead to connectivity issues. It is strongly recommended not to put the app in the background when flying on any of our servers due to this reason.

If this happens, there is unfortunately no way to recover the current flight and the app needs to be restarted.

Have you read this? The #support FAQ has this as a common issue.


As said by above, it’s in the support F and Q. Read This before posting. Thanks!

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