Your Account Is Being Used On Another Device

Mid long-haul from Tokyo to Rome, I just got a notification that my account is being used on another device. Throttle will be cut. Contact support with questions about this error. I had to end my flight :(

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Known issue, you’ll find more informations in the thread below. :)

The same for me , never seen before

Just happen to me also

Close the app and relaunch Infinite Flight ;)

I have IF on my Samsung S8+ and on my Samsung Galaxy Note pro, I finished a flight on the note pro. Closed app, then used my phone to do a flight about 30 mins later. 20mins in flight, notification pops up in red, throttle cut, and I start rapid decent from FL250. What the hell is going on! Had to end flight, very frustrating.

Please close Infinite Flight, Restart your device and Relaunch the app. That should help. Kind Regards, Chris

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