Your account is being used on another device. Throttle will now be cut

I’m making a flight in my Iphone, I’m in cruise now so I decided to view a replay in my other Iphone, I noticed that in the other Iphone the throttle was cutted, I closed the app but it still with the throttle cutted. Can I still making the flight? So I can’t see replays in other devices when I making a flight?

Because you are logged in your same account on another device even in the menu.


Yes, you cannot view replays on one device while flying on another device.


Oh :(, thank you

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When flying on my iPad and approaching an airport I’m unfamiliar with I will sometimes open up IF on my iPhone and open up the airport gate map to make sure I’m going to the right area of the airport. Once you hit fly is when IF will cut your throttles on the first device.

No not true you can be on the same account and watch it you just half to watch it from ten website idk it but I’m sure someone Does

You can only play IF on one device. I tried that too a while back and learnt the hard way.

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