Your account is being used on another device, Throttle will now be cut

Hi, i’m currently on a record on the longest flight recorded, i’m stationed at WSSS waiting to depart at the scheduled time that suits me, and i let my tablet hang around and when i return one hour later i have that message popping up and i can’t return to the main airport because throttle is cut, is there any way i can overcome this? It would be a shame if i just couldn’t take off because of this to record another 20hrs and have 80hrs of total flight time :(

This happens when you open IF (Live?) on mote than one device. So if you don’t want this message, reduce login into IF on one device only. IF only allows one device to be used per account.

Apart from this, I’ve see this happen recently and it was reported by many; turned out to be a server-wide issue, that was resolved within 20 mins.

Actually the device i use is the only device that has IF installed

This can happen if there’s a very brief connection drop, so short the server fails to recognize that you disconnected. One possible way to fix it, is to toggle flight mode on/off to allow the app to reconnect.


Did you leave your Flight at any time?

This message can also occur with a pause or interruption in connection because it thinks your account is in use, though it’s really just the session that was previously left or paused lingering in the server memory.

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I did notice unusually high ping during landing but i thought it might go away, which it did for a time, but then apparently the internet shut down for 3 seconds at most

How can i do that though?

Sounds like a reasonable cause.
What device do you have? You should have some sort of control center where you can do that?

I’m using the iPad Pro with 256GB of memory and the latest iOS software version.

Swipe up from the bottom. Twice as you need to get past the docker, then tap the aircraft symbol. Wait 10 seconds then tap it again.

Oh, Airplane Mode, sorry but i’m so used to airplane mode i couldn’t recognize other names. Just did that, message still there

Ugh. Did Wifi turn off when you did? Sometimes it does, sometimes not. We need it to completely lose the connection for a few seconds.

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It did turn off and automatically turned back on along with Bluetooth once i turned Airplane Mode off.

Well, that sucks. I’ve had that work a few times, but not all the times.

I’m afraid there’s little that can be done then. I guess you could try waiting a bit longer. Activate airplane mode, go back to IF and make sure you lose connection to the Live server. Once that is confirmed, turn airplane mode off.

Turned on airplane mode (Wi-Fi turned off as well), waited out 1 minute in the app to confirm the disconnection on Live, turned Airplane Mode off, Wi-Fi turned on, message still there. Guess this is it, then, right?

I’m afraid so. Really sorry it didn’t work for you…

No worries, I truly appreciate your help. Thank you.

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