“Your Account Details couldn’t be loaded to start an online session” Error

Is this an error on my end or IFs?

Thanks for the help! 😁

I’m getting the same error.

All good on my end…

I get the same error sometimes but it doesn’t appear to actually do anything for me at least. It’s probably just a bug that may get fixed in 20.3.

A lot of people got the same problem.

  • First: Log out and then log in again
  • If that doesn’t take effect, unistall the App and then Install it again

Hope this can help you :)

Like every time I restart IF I get the same thing but I can still start a online session

So it isn’t much of an issue for me

There’s a bug where this can show at times when there isn’t actually an issue (on the Fly Online/ATC pages). There’s a fix for this in 20.3

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