Your 5-Star Reviews Help Us Grow

That’s kind of hilarious.


Is annoying to see the reviews in spanish.
wHy Is ThE GamE iN EngLIsH ?!?!?
HoW caN I fLy A PlAnE?!?!?!
WhY iNfiNitE FliGht DoEsnT RuN SmoOtHly oN My 1990’s Motorola PhONe ?



I’m gonna leave review @jasonrosewell

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I was a little surprised to see that I hadn’t already left a positive review. 5 stars from me. Better late than never.


Sorry, correction. That’s hilarious, period.

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Nobody is forcing you. We explained why we’re making this request. If it doesn’t feel right to you and/or you don’t feel the app deserves it, please don’t do it :)


I leave a review after every new update. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I write a review also enough 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!


I’m about to write a 5 star review not because y’all told me to, but because I’ve been meaning to, genuinely. I keep forgetting to do it but now I will, again, not because y’all asked, but because I want to 🙂

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This is my review. What do you think? (edit: just realized I should add that you can use it for PPL training in some ways).


Title: Best mobile flight simulator. Period!

Hey y’all!

I gave this simulator 5 stars because it deserves it. I found this sim in October 2017 and immediately fell in love. Since then, it has only grown and gotten better. What do I like about it? Here’s a list:

  1. The level of detail in aircraft, airports, and other features. The developers (a small team actually) design each aircraft, livery, and airport specifically to what they look and act like in real life. The globe has accurate scenery for wherever you are flying. Real sounds are making their way into the sim. So far, the GE90 and RB211 engines have debuted in this sim, and that list is likely to grow with each aircraft. Also, 3D buildings have made their way into the sim and they are beautiful replicas of the real life airports.

  2. There is a HUGE selection of both aircraft and liveries. The list of aircraft is expansive, from Boeing and Airbus, to general aviation (Cessna, Cirrus, Cubcrafters), to military, each fleet is expansive and growing. Devs are actively adding aircraft types and liveries and updating those which could use some love (old physics, model, sounds, etc)

  3. The community. is a wonderful place to request features, share your experiences, talk real world aviation, share screenshots of the sim, meet cool people, and more. Developers listen to their community and fan base. This is evident by the #features category on the Infinite Flight Community.

  4. The prices are fair. They may seem pricey but it costs money to run servers, design aircraft, etc. It’s a fair price to ask.

These are only some of the biggest things I like about this simulator. To sum it up, I love the details (sounds, physics, global, aircraft, airports, procedures), the community, and the ever growing selection of aircraft and liveries.

Another beauty of this simulator is that because it is mobile, I and you have the ability to take all this awesomeness wherever you go.

I hope you’ll select this simulator for a truly great experience!


I have given Infinite Flight a 5 star review as it is definitely a brilliant flight simulator.

My feedback to the Infinite Flight Staff and Team is that it would be better for the devs to have more involvement on the IFC.

My other bit of feedback is that liveries/features with less votes or those that are not well known should also get added, as you tend to see the same liveries getting added onto reworks etc… it’s great that those liveries get added but those that aren’t as well known should also get the opportunity to be added. (It would be great to get a better understanding from the devs)

Overall, it’s a great flight simulator!


I have the app on both platforms, so why not?



can I leave 6 stars? 👀


The real question ⬆️

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With no disrespect intended, this turned me away from leaving my yearly five-star review.

Sure, the way Apple and Google determine which apps get ranked where is idiocy, and how one one-star review can cause an app’s rating to drop tremendously, but that is no reason to flat out say “Your 5-Star Reviews Help Us Grow.” Of course, that doesn’t mean someone is entitled to leave one, as you have previously stated, but putting that thought in someone’s head leads them to want to do so, especially if they were on the fence. It’s similar to telling someone not to do something as it will only make them want to do it.

I understand that Infinite Flight needs positive reviews to grow, which will allow IFLLC to improve the simulator, but in my honest opinion, this is not the way to do it. I’m not sure about Google/Android, but I know Apple offers an API that allows users to rate the app when loading the application. This is far more effective, as we all know there are people who use Infinite Flight and not on the community, but it appears IFLLC doesn’t want to do this because they’re scared of negative reviews. Part of running a company is to acknowledge the negatives, and by this post, the message I received was that Infinite Flight wants to avoid them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to diss you, but it seems a bit absurd to go this far. That’s just my opinion, and I genuinely mean no disrespect. I am simply voicing my concerns/opinions, similar to @Guxk and @Alexian61, with whom I agree, especially on how this message could’ve been written differently.

Nevertheless, I will continue to support, appreciate, and compliment IFLCC when the time comes. It has been a massive part of my life, and I value the opportunity I have had and continue to have with Infinite Flight.


More stars = more positive exposure = more new subscribers trying out = more new potential pilots/controllers who stays = more operational income = bigger workforce = stronger workload = the quicker we get lights, extra clouds, custom 3D things, multiple aircraft reworks, etc etc etc instead of waiting until our grandchildren happen to control the airport we’re approaching to.

How’s my maths.


I mean no harm in this message, but just because you haven’t done it now doesn’t mean you haven’t before.

Asking for positive reviews isn’t really the best representation of the player base, perhaps asking for a normal rating would be better, as the players would be encouraged to leave a review based on their experience, rather than a “strongly encouraged” 5-star rating.

Asking for a 5-star rating seems fine, but to encourage feedback on the forum rather than on the app store seems a bit more questionable…

If a player looking to download Infinite Flight wanted to look at the app details without first downloading, where would they go? App store. If all they saw were positive ratings, then it would obviously be intelligent to invest, but it seems a bit absurd to me to redirect all constructive/negative feedback to the forums where not all players are. I do agree that the application is one worth downloading, but if you were to look at it from the perspective of an aspiring player looking to download (after checking the reviews), it seems a bit lopsided, no?


Thanks for all the feedback, folks. There was no harm intended here and I’m not taking offense to any of your feedback. I understand if this request pulls you away from helping in this way.

Another way to think about it: if you’ve been meaning to do this, consider it a reminder. If you don’t want to, no harm done!

Companies ask their customers to leave reviews all the time, and some even incentivize it. We’re not doing that. We also get quite often: “how can I do something to help Infinite Flight?” Well, this is a great way and it doesn’t take much effort.

@Z-Tube @Pingu @AlphaSeven, no offense taken at all. I’m sorry if this rubbed you the wrong way. I don’t expect you to do this if it makes you uncomfortable. Please absolutely follow your own path here! We appreciate you being customers.


Hard disagree on this one 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company more involved in their community than Infinite Flight. It’s the reason I had the opportunity to work here.


Ill throw in my 2 cents on the situation really quickly ;)

I whole-heartedly agree with statements made by @AlphaSeven @Guxk and others like those.

Just asking us to leave a review would have been more apealing than asking specifically for a 5 star one - not to mention the obvious fact, which im confident in saying, that 95% of IFC users who went ahead and left a review would have left a 4 or 5 star review.

Dont get me wrong, i have read IFs reviews ocasionally and they are…intresting to say the least - im talking about the really non sensical 1 and 2 star reviews akin to this:

I get why you are doing this, but you simply botched the “aesthetics” of this. Its a minor thing IMO, but be a bit more carefull in the future ;)

Edit: As for my review, it has been a 5 star for ages, but with this little reminder as you have coined it, i might as well go ahead and update it! it better get me my Air Serbia and Alitalia liveries tho ;);););)