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Hello, Pilots!

As you know, Infinite Flight doesn’t ask for your App Store or Google Play reviews in-app. While this concept isn’t completely out of the question for us, so far we’ve decided to leave it out. Nevertheless, your 5-star app reviews are REALLY important to us and the growth of Infinite Flight. App marketplaces use reviews heavily in the ranking of apps in terms of search and features.

Often, people use the review aspect of the App Store and Google Play to make feature requests. While this isn’t against the rules, it’s not super helpful to other potential customers. Infinite Flight has a large and vibrant community of users, and we could use your help here. A common thing we see in reviews (we read all of them) is something like this:

4 Stars. I would have given 5 stars but the best livery _______ is completely missing from the app!!!

It’s understandable that most users will want a feature, an airplane, or a livery that we don’t have. You, our loyal community know some of the roadblocks we face here, especially being on mobile!

One of the best ways to help Infinite Flight grow is to support us by leaving a 5-star review. You can update this review with each version we put out. Even if our overall rank bumps up by a few tenths of a point, this could mean more users and more resources that we will pour back into development!

Ready to help?

If you are willing to take a few minutes to write a positive review, we would sure appreciate it! Leaving your feature requests in the #features category, and sharing what you think needs improvement in this topic (instead of in the review) would go a long way in helping us in the App Store and Google Play!

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Thanks for using Infinite Flight and for considering us for a 5-star review!
Clear skies.


Going to review now


Going to review!!!


Like others have said, I’ll (be happy to) leave a review.


I wrote a review :)


5 Proud ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ since 2019, all good Jason!👍😎


Yes, yes!! IF will prevail over RFS!!!


I feel like the most common review is “make pro cheaper/free.” Little do people know it actually takes a little bit of money to run a flight sim with 3 servers and tens of thousands of players.


Forgive me if my reasoning is wrong, but aren’t the point of reviews to voice your feedback on the app? Not everyone is on the IFC and as such cannot access feature requests. As such, the average customer would be inclined to use the review section to voice what they like or don’t like(i.e. lack of liveries or a certain aircraft). Whether the feedback is the best or the worst isn’t relevant- it’s what the customer thinks.

Wouldn’t it paint an accurate picture for potential customers? They know what exactly what they are getting- no more, no less.

Encouraging feedback is a good business practice, but specifically asking for a five star review comes with the issue of the reviewer being influenced by something other than their experience with the app(positively or negatively). It is not a truly frank review if you are asking for certain things to be left out or included.

TLDR: Feedback good, asking for only good feedback bad.

And before anyone flags this for going against the status quo, I did not say anything inappropriate, offensive, while remaining on topic. Thanks.


You’ve made some good points that highlight why I’ve asked our community of users instead of blasting it out on social media and our blog for the world :)

Yes, the point of the review would be to voice your feedback on the app. The sad truth about the App Store algorithms however is that the number rating holds a LOT of weight in determining our position in search results. That affects how many people lay eyes on our listing, which in turn impacts user base, and finally resources we can dedicate to making the sim better for YOU!

This is the purpose of asking for the 5 stars from our current loyal users here on the IFC. If you don’t feel you can do this on principle, please feel free to pass. :)


RFS never came close to the IF


I have to state that I miss a livery on the A-321 but I’ll give 5 ⭐️. 😄✌🏻


Thanks for the support! It’s a huge help.


Sorry Jason but I’m going to have to rate it 1 star, whenever I try to land it pops up saying “CRASH” on the screen :((

just a joke don’t worry guys, but the part about landings is true…


NGL, that one had me… 😂 If you need help with landings, please consult @JoshFly8. He’s a master.


You’re right. But… (and here comes the but) “influencing” is a grey area here open to perception and here’s mine: If say, a prize is awarded for giving those 5 stars, or worse (like with dodgy online shopping store owners) having a threat disguised as a no refund policy for giving bad reviews - then that’s 100% hardcore bad influencing.

This is different. The message above I’m sure is directed towards Infinite Flight fans. It’s announced in the IFC. A place where we voice our concerns sometimes. And why do we sometimes voice our concerns? Because we want this and that, we want so much from IF. We want IF to become better. The message is internal, we’re part of the Infinite Flight building team - it’s only logic: we’re members of its community.

So the strategic response to the above is to let us know, that one way to do that is to prop up our favourite app up to the stars… 5, to be exact. That should fuel the steam tank running faster and better.

That’s all there is to it, the message is just to let us know. And hence:

Help those that will help us, so I’m gonna help my Infinite Flight… never mind those potential customers at the stage of the current rating we’re at right now, they don’t know about this and will rate on their own. But later, when ratings been propped up and they sign up to become a community member on the IFC - I’m sure they’ve become a proud member for their chosen mobile flight sim and wants it to become better, too.

Hope that clears the perspective, there’s a big difference between fake influencing and reminding our internal group who are willing and wanting to give 5 stars after reading this topic, to go do just that. Infinite Flight will not and can not become better by lowering their public rating, but it will be able to serve our community voices better by increasing it. And as with yours, this is only my personal opinion to share, cheers mate!


That is some really good context. Thanks for helping me articulate this so well @CaptJJ!


Left a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review!


I honestly feel like this is a bit wrong in a way. Of course, I don’t think that the game should be evaluated less just because a specific livery is not in game BUT I feel like this topic is “forcing” us to write a 5 star review. I think the message of this should have been slightly different. I agree with the idea of encouraging us to write reviews, however they should include constructive criticism rather than just leaving 5 stars there. I believe we can all agree that this game has its flaws and new customers should be aware of them. At the end of the day, you still spend real money to play this. Just imagine you pay for a 5 star hotel for your trip but in reality, the hotel doesn’t deserve more than 4. If I would be a new customer myself and only see 5 star reviews but after buying the game I see a lot of things out of their place, you can imagine I would not be satisfied. The point of this topic was most probably not to tell everyone to write 5 star reviews but some people could treat it as such.


You guys have to read these 1-star reviews. There’s a guy who gave it 1 star because he was kicked after refusing to go around when ATC told him, it’s ridiculous. I can definitely see why they’re encouraging veteran reviews.