Your 2021 Infinite Flight Debrief!

Infinite Flight 2021 Debrief Graphic

Hello, Infinite Flight Pilots!

Earlier this year we launched the Infinite Flight Debrief as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations. These stats captured all of your Infinite Flight activity since the dawn of our global flight release. Now, we have recompiled your stats for the 2021 year. We hope to make this a tradition moving forward!

Your Flight and ATC (when applicable) stats will be displayed, and a social sharing mechanism is there which will generate a handy image to share. Throw the #infiniteflightdebrief hashtag on those posts!

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To use this feature, you must have your IFC account linked in your Infinite Flight account settings. If you’re not sure how to do that, we have a section in our user guide to help.

We hope you enjoy reviewing your stats and sharing them with your friends. Please keep reading for the FAQ.

Blue skies!
Jason, Cameron, and the Infinite Flight Team


  1. Why can’t I log in? I’ve already linked my account and I’m logged into the IFC.
    Make sure you’ve logged into the IFC on the same device you’re viewing the website on. This is the only way we can authorize you to see the stats.

  2. I don’t want to link my IFC profile to the app. How can I see my stats?
    This is the only way we can make the association between you and your Infinite Flight statistics. Without that mechanism, we can’t query the database for your information. Feel free to unlink when you’re finished viewing the site.

  3. Why aren’t my stats right?
    Stats were generated and cached on December 14th, 2021 to minimize server load. Further, if you switched from Android to iOS or vis versa, we may not have both sets of data compiled for you.

  4. I’ve noticed the user with most flight hours has more than a year of flight time… is this a bug?
    Nope! We calculated this straight from our stats database, and this pilot enjoys flying multiple long haul flights on different servers. We were amazed at these stats too! LordWizrak, get some fresh air please, love from Infinite Flight

If you have further questions, please post them in this thread so other users and staff can help. Please do not DM staff members to help with this particular feature. Thanks!


Very nice, thank you Jason! Also, amazing job this year overall!!


This is wonderful, thank you guys!


Finally… been dying to see this ever since the I got a glance at the code.


Ah I love IFATC 😍


Not that many flight hours this year unfortunately, but the flights I did were really fun. I’m hoping to get more time in the virtual skies next year!

Also; @LordWizrak: Wow. 🤯


Heeey congrats @Jakub_Astary my ol’ group flight buddy! You’ve earned the most ATC ops!


I can’t get my stats? I am clicking on the link and it says me to press the button. And when I press the button it scrolls me down and says I am not connected to IFC!


Your stats look fine from our end, what browser are you using?


You know, I honestly thought it would have been more than 10 thousand hours.

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 23.46.29

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 23.47.17


Its Google Chrome! I can view it from my phone but not from the computer!

I need to go outside. 17 hours of flying alone (cough on one device cough) in Infinite Flight is enough…


It’s a very nice, always happy flying game. I have fun sometimes for half a day IF I enjoy it!


Very proud of my 20 hours of flight time :)

Most of my testing is done in Solo or on dev servers where my crashing flying isn’t counted


I wasn’t very active in 2021… but still surprised that my favorite aircraft is the 789


Try clearing your cache for and try it again, DM me if you keep having trouble :)

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But how do I do it?

This is great!

See here:

Because I am not active in Infinite Flight since August and prepared for the graduation test in the first-half of the year, this is good for me :)