Your 2019 Infinite Flight Highlights

Ah yes, this is the best quote since sliced bread. 🍞

Hey devs, can we please add bread to the sim? 🍞


Thank you, everyone for the amazing words of encouragement! Our team gets a lot of joy from reading through here. This thread isn’t so we can pat ourselves on the back. It’s uplifting and encouraging to hear how much people are loving using Infinite Flight. Seeing the friendships that have started as a result of this simulator and community is just awesome.

Thanks, everyone!


I think the best additions to Infinite Flight were
-replay mode
now you can take 4k pictures in amazing quality
-the new navigation system
it brought so much more realism to Infinite

Thanks mate 😁

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A350 and Live replay hands down

Let’s see, I only came back in August…
Started as Grade 2 after a long hiatus then making it to Grade 4. Celebrated with a Sounds Air 208.
Of course the A350.
The full coverage of scenery, loving the South Pacific.
Being more active on the IFC now, making great friends along my time there.
The Cessna rework, letting me enjoy flying around in cool GA areas, especially the South Downs by Bognor Regis… might make a group flight there 🤷‍♂️

This year has flown by - I remember celebrating the start of it like it was yesterday. The year has also been a fantastic one, both in my general life and of course in terms of Infinite Flight, and the Infinite Flight Community.

This community is quite simply astounding, and Infinite Flight wouldn’t be where it is without it. It is such a unique selling point, and the amount of connections, genuine friends, and memories I’ve made because of it is amazing - all from signing up for an account one January morning nearly two years ago.

Looking back, I can think of two stand-out highlights from the current year that have been amazing things to attain and achieve, and have allowed me to give back to this community that means so much to me in ways I didn’t think were possible. This is in addition to my voluntary roles within the IFVARB and the wonderful British Airways Virtual Airline - both fantastic organisations with a wonderful team behind them.

My first stand-out highlight would most definitely being given the opportunity to become a Recruiter for Expert Server Air Traffic Control. Receiving an invite into becoming a Recruiter by Tyler earlier this year in May was a great honour and privilege, and I’m thankful to be able to help those looking to join the program in supporting them through the recruitment process, and trying to help with any questions or needs along the way. The rest of the IFATC team do a marvellous job, and it’s such a lovely team to be a part of.

My second highlight would be the community meet-ups, whereby I’ve been lucky enough to attend two this year, at London Heathrow and RAF Museum Cosford. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere, meeting so many people passionate about aviation and Infinite Flight all at once is amazing, and to get to know them further is great fun too.
Having the opportunity to help out with exhibiting Infinite Flight at Flight Sim Show 2019 at RAF Museum Cosford this year was a great privilege, and I truly enjoyed engaging with the wider aviation community and promoting a Flight Simulator and application I truly believed in - from the features in the app itself, to the brilliant team of staff and developers. I do now feature in the gallery of Flight Sim Show’s website, which I regard as an achievement in itself!

Looking back, I suppose @ewanfleming deserves a bit of a mention too. (You’re welcome.) Last week I took a train down to London, and we met up to go to a concert together in the Hammersmith Apollo. (Sigrid, if anyone was interested). It’s amazing how this community can connect people with common interests, and can actually allow you to create some great real-world bonds with those in the community.

So - what a year! I am looking forward to what the next year (and decade!), has in store - I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. Roll on 2020, and a happy new year to all of the community when it comes!


Did you know he did a coin flip for that?

I’m glad to have gotten to know you much better over the last few months thanks to some ahem unfortunate events. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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Hands down my favorite year and I have been struggling in many things so infinate flight helped me though this tough year. Thank you so much IF.

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With the help of IFC, is running! :)

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Being The COO of A VA
All of the updates the Devs put their time and effort into to make IF even better. Thanks To All Of You!

Although the new updates are outstanding and push the limits of the mobile simulation, for me the highlight was meeting some of the community members at the London Heathrow meetup! I got the chance to meet @Cameron, @MishaCamp, @Marc along with many others. It was really a successful meetup. Although I couldn’t make it to Cosford, I hope to meet more of you guys in the future at other community meetups.

Cheers to 2020!


2019…4 years from the start…
Well 2019 is my third official year with Infinite Flight as a Pro member and Community member. But I had Infinite Flight downloaded 4 years ago.

So while I celebrate my 3 year anniversary (as of posting) I would like to take you on a journey through the year from my view point.

So 2019 started as it always does with my first flight of the year always being a flight from my home airport over my house and back in a small GA aircraft. This year I used the SR22. It was an amazing day to fly with just a slight breeze and and sunny skies.

Then came my second ever rotation in the Infinite Flight beta testers team. Live replay, A330 light rework. Awesome stuff to test but also a pain as there is so many components that can impact how it runs and that can go wrong. We got it nailed and was a very proud moment for me.

Through out the year I gained some special moments such as the chance to become IFAE’s Upper Management under the watchful eyes of @art_martinez and @Doug_Hamilton to which I done for a little while until real life took charge and so stepped down. Another was the chance to become a IFATC radar Trainee to which I still am. Another proud moment I got was the chance to become an Alpha tester to which I still hold and I am very thankful to @infiniteflight for still allowing me to hold. Another moment I got was the Gold badge of empathetic.

Another great. Moment in my 2019 year of IF was the chance to do some epic displays with @DeltaMD88Fan and @Nate_Schneller and @Ben_W in Virtual Council of Airshows and displayed around the world in the best Herc and Spitfire displays.

Hope to see you all back for more in 2020!!


Oh an another major one was on Valintines day, I got shouted out on the social media of IF with a heart over Los Angeles and received so many positive vibes and feedback from all who saw it. So I would like to personally thank @jasonrosewell for picking me out of all those who did awesome stuff on that day.

My favourite highlights was seeing all the events and meetups I couldn’t go to. Seriously. It’s great to see the community come together in real life and see all the fun and impact we as a community have on each other.

While I may not have been able to attend any events because of my geographical location, I did have other highlights…

Every update of this year brought something new and special to the simulator that would be cherished by many members of the community. Whether it was the A350, XCub, a new and improved map/UI, or a new and improved Cessna 172, we all had something that we deep down wanted to see in the simulator this year, and it was given to us.

Overall, I’ve loved every moment of this year. It’s been great, thanks everyone!


Everything from seeing the A320 come alive to the C172… oh wait there’s an A350 on final. That was amazing and hearing the announcement of the 777.

Hopefully 2020 bring the ATR 😉😉. But most importantly thanks to all you amazing people who make this community what it is today. And here’s to the staff and Mods at IFC 🥂🥂

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I’d say actually starting to play IF and joining DLVA!

We probs met each other with the X cub competition!

Perhaps for me it is joining the community! I started playing IF from 2017 but only joined this community on April. My trip to FSExpo 2019 was definitely my highlight of the year, seeing people IRL was amazing! Thank you IF!

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