Your 2019 Infinite Flight Highlights

Hey fam.

As 2019 winds down and comes to a close, it’s again time to reflect on the year gone by. Our community is fueled by you, and we are always looking for feedback; good and bad.

This time, though, I’d love to again ask what your favorite moments have been. It could be our real-world meetups, new friendships, app features, a favorite livery, etc. I know the A350 just dropped, and that could easily be a highlight for many of you. Totally fair.

There’s no need to answer first or rush. Dig down deep and let us know what your highlights have been this year as you’ve been part of the Infinite Flight community. As always, we value each of you, and want to thank you for an amazing year.

I can’t wait to hear your highlights!


Hands down has to be one of the best years ever and that the A350 has been the best thing this year, for the game. For the community well it has to be joining this wonderful place of avid aviators.

Here’s to what lies ahead in 2020 🥂


A a350 has to be the best one ever!


19.4 of course!!

And becoming staff at a va😁

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Well, I only got pro this year and so far it’s been awesome!! Not too sure about the latest update but I’m sure I’ll get used to it 🙂 keep up the awesome work mods and devs, and 2020 will be even better 🥳


I would say, getting a live subscription and of course, the first live cockpits!


Definitely the C172. I have been waiting for this to be updated for a long time. The realism in the systems is amazing. Thanks guys.


Ok here’s mine:

  • Buying my first IF subscription in March. I have been playing since 2012 and I finally decided to make the investment and oh boy was it worth it!
  • Joining the IFC in June. I have made so many friends here!
  • Buying my first annual sub in August!
  • 19.4 (and that awesome reaction video by @CaptainNoGear )

My VA’s approval.


SOOOOO many amazing moments in this community and in this sim, I wouldn’t be able to count them all!

-My favorite moments this year was probably seeing the Development Timeline Announcement, as well as also seeing the 19.4 Premiere and the A350 being unveiled behind the C172, coolest moment ever!
-I also loved discovering the world of VA’ s and becoming staff at one as well! I got to dive deeper within the world of IF and get to know others around me as well as help those who want to expand their love for aviation.
-The start of my Instagram was also a huge plus! I get to engage and post shots on the community on a daily basis, it’s so much fun and i can’t wait to continue!

But with all these fun moments and fun times, I’m thankful for a community around me who all shares the same passion and love for IF, and I can’t wait to make many more memories throughout the community and the sim! Infinite Flight, you are incredible, you have changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t be more grateful, love y’all lots!

Onto a new decade😦


Man, this year was absolutely full of highlights…

This game as really been, and I’m not lying, life changing for me. I’ve engaged so much more and more over the months, and 2019 was really the big push for me learning about aviation, and just engaging with others.

Everyday, I come on here just to add another wire into my brain of knowledge. The community, like you said, Jason, really is what fuels this community, and makes Infinite Flight what it is. From the A330 soft rework, all the way to the A350 addition, this year was one of the best years for Infinite Flight, and for me.


Becoming a Moderator had a nice touch.

No, but honestly: Definitely the LHR Meet-Up in June! I got to meet so many community members, including Misha, Cameron, Moritz and so many more. Sadly I had to cancel my trip to Cosford later this year on a short notice. But London: It’s been a fantastic day and I hope to be able to attend some more meet-ups in 2020!


Mine would be definitely 19.4. But I would say that running a VO has been a main highlight of 2019.

2020 can only bring better things! 😉

ah, let’s see.

Unpopular Opinion: The C172 rework. It was the best update, better than the A350 added.


IF is the greatest, the IFC makes it better

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2019 was a great year! The update that I’ve enjoyed the most was 19.4. Favorite part of this year was the integration of new NAV sources. The sense of realism hit a whole new level and opened the door to many new and other great opportunities. I was always a critic of the A350. I won’t sugar coat it but I respect the decision that Infinite Flight made to listen to the community. This is a business that looks at the community for feedback to help construct the path for this wonderful flight sim.

Its hard to find companies like Infinite Flight where community input is cherished and utilized in a way that makes one’s experience enjoyable. Infinite Flight is leading the way for mobile flight simulation and I firmly believe they will continue to do so.

Favorite aircraft: TBM930: Both before and after live instruments were implemented, this will continue to be the superior aircraft of the skies. Most versatile aircraft out there.

Cheers to 2020! Its going to be amazing! 🎉


My highlight of the year was the moment I became an IFATC officer.


Global came out a few years ago.

For me it’s not so much 19.4 overall. It’s the development that has happened this year. We’ve got a new, extremely advanced NAV system, a beautiful map, and live cockpits. The A350 has, naturally been great as well. On a more personal note, I’ve had some amazing flights, and finally have time to rejoin IFATC, which I’ve missed greatly.

My bad, i thought this was a your best infinite flight highlight in general. I somehow missed the “2019” haha.

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