Your 2019 Aviation Adventures

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

2020 is upon us, and it’s a great time to reflect on what we did in 2019.

The purpose of this thread is to share some of your 2019 aviation accomplishments, stories, flights, photos, and experiences! Similar to this topic by @GlobalFlyer1, I figure everyone wants the ability to share some of their adventures.

So I’ll start, and then let’s see some of your favorite moments!


I had the opportunity to take 22 flights this year! I feel so fortunate to be able to do this, and can’t wait to continue sharing all these journeys with you guys.

Without further ado, here are my flights.

Route Aircraft Airline
JFK-MSY Airbus A320 JetBlue
MSY-JFK Airbus A320 JetBlue
JFK-AMS Boeing 747-400 KLM
AMS-FCO Boeing 737-800 KLM
VCE-CDG Airbus A319 Air France
CDG-JFK Airbus A380 Air France
JFK-SXM Boeing 757-200 Delta
SXM-SBH DHC6 Twin Otter Winair
SBH-SXM DHC6 Twin Otter Winar
SXM-JFK Boeing 757-200 Delta
JFK-JAX CRJ-900 Delta
JAX-ATL Boeing 757-200 Delta
ATL-SEA Boeing 757-300 Delta
SEA-JFK Boeing 737-900 Delta
HPN-RSW Airbus A320 JetBlue
RSW-HPN Airbus A320 JetBlue
HPN-ATL Boeing 717-200 Delta
ATL-PVR Airbus A320 Delta
PVR-ATL Airbus A320 Delta
ATL-LGA Airbus A321 Delta
JFK-FLL Airbus A321 Delta
FLL-JFK Airbus A321 Delta



Flight Training

In addition to flying commercially, I continued with my flight training this year. I flew over 20 times and gained upwards of 30 hours of flight time.

Some notable achievements include:

  • Passing 50 hours of flight time
  • Flying the NYC skyline route in the NYC Class Bravo Airspace
  • Taking my grandfather (who was in flight training) on a flight


This year, I had the opportunity to take many amazing photos! Here are the few I find most worthy of sharing

Aircraft: Cessna 172 (N6228N)
Airline: N/A

This may be one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever captured!

Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Airline: Delta

A very early morning departure started out with low visibility and low cloud layers, but passing through the layer during our climb led to a stunning sunrise!

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Airline: Delta

Yet another sunrise. The reflection of the sun off the water was absolutely incredible

Aircraft: Airbus A340
Airline: Air France (Joon)

It’s your turn!

I’ve had the opportunity to share what my 2019 was like, now it’s on to you guys! What did you do? Did you travel somewhere unique? Explore a fun airport, or fly a new aircraft? Did you get good photos or do you have a funny story to tell? Let’s hear it!

Thanks so much, and have a great day/evening.


The routes I did this year:

Airport Code City/Country Month Aircraft and airline
DOH-BEG Doha --> Belgrade January A321 QR
BEG-DOH Belgrade --> Doha January A321 QR
DOH-GVA Doha --> Geneva March A350-900 QR
GVA-DOH Geneva --> Doha March A350-900 QR
DOH-FCO Doha --> Rome April B787-8 QR
FCO-BEG Rome --> Belgrade April A319 Alitalia
BEG-DOH Belgrade --> Doha April A320 QR
DOH-MXP Doha --> Milan May A330-300 QR
MXP-DOH Milan --> Doha May A330-300 QR
DOH-ATH Doha --> Athens June B787-8 QR
ATH-CHX Athens --> Chania June A320 AE
CHX-ATH Chania --> Athens June A320 AE
ATH-BEG Athens --> Belgrade June A320 ASL
BEG-DOH Belgrade --> Doha July A321 QR
DOH-SIN Doha --> Singapore October A350-1000 QR
SIN-DOH Singapore --> Doha October A350-1000 QR
DOH-BEG Doha --> Belgrade December A320

It was definitively a great year! Especially flying-wise.

Here’s my flying story of 2019!

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Also, what camera did you take this shot with? Incredible!

Airport Code Cities Airline Aircraft Registration
SFO-CPH San Francisco to Copenhagen Scandinavian Airlines A340-313 OY-KBM
CPH-AMS Copenhagen to Amsterdam Scandinavian Airlines CRJ-900LR EI-FPG
AMS-KEF Amsterdam to Reykjavík Icelandair 767-319(ER) TF-ISN
KEF-CPH Reykjavík to Copenhagen EuroAtlantic Airways 767-36N(ER) CS-TKR
CPH-FRA Copenhagen to Frankfurt Lufthansa A320-214 D-AIUN
FRA-SFO Frankfurt to San Francisco United 777-222(ER N782UA
SFO-ORD San Francisco to Chicago United 777-222 N778UA
ORD-SFO Chicago to San Francicso United 777-222 N210UA
SFO-SEA San Francisco to Seattle Alaska 737-990 N320AS
SEA-SJC Seattle to San Jose Alaska 737-990(ER) N285AK
SFO-LIS San Francisco to Lisbon TAP Air Portugal A330-941 CS-TUB
LIS-BRU Lisbon to Brussels TAP Air Portugal A321-251N CS-TJJ
BRU-LIS Brussels to Lisbon TAP Air Portugal A320-214 CS-TNP
LIS-SFO Lisbon to San Francisco TAP Air Portugal A330-941 CS-TUC
SFO-LAS San Francisco to Las Vegas Alaska A320-214 N621VA
LAS-SJC Las Vegas to San Jose Delta Connection E175LR N256SY
SFO-MUC San Francisco to Munich Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMB
MUC-FCO Munich to Rome Lufthansa A321-231 D-AIDF
FCO-LIN Rome to Milan Alitalia E175STD EI-RDA
MXP-FCO Milan to Rome Air Italy E190STD LZ-PLO
FCO-FRA Rome to Frankfurt Lufthansa A321-231 D-AISU
FRA-MUC Frankfurt to Munich Lufthansa A321-231 D-AIST
MUC-SFO Munich to San Francisco Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMG
SFO-YVR San Francisco to Vancouver United A320-214 N1902U
YVR-FRA Vancouver to Frankfurt Lufthansa 747-430 D-ABVU
FRA-BCN Frankfurt to Barcelona Lufthansa A320-271N D-AINQ
BCN-MAD Barcelona to Madrid Iberia A320-214 EC-LXQ
MAD-BCN Madrid to Barcelona Air Europa A330-243 EC-LQP
BCN-FRA Barcelona to Frankfurt Lufthansa A320-271N D-AINA
FRA-SFO Frankfurt to San Francisco United 777-222(ER) N779UA
SFO-SYD San Francisco to Sydney United 777-322(ER) N2747UA
SYD-MEL Sydney to Melbourne Virgin Australia 737-8FE VH-VUI
MEL-AKL Melbourne to Auckland Air New Zealand 777-319(ER) ZK-OKR
AKL-SYD Auckland to Sydney Qantas A330-203 VH-EBG
SYD-LAX Sydney to Los Angeles United 787-9 N9971
LAX-SFO Los Angeles to San Francisco United 737-824 N12238

Aaaand, you can read about my statistics and look at pictures by clicking here!

This year, I flew the A330neo for the first time, on 2 separate flights. I also had lots of bad luck traveling, with many missed connections or delays. In April, my SAS flight was canceled due to a crew strike, so we were re-routed to fly via Frankfurt. In June, I had a 5-hour delay and a cancellation with Alaska Airlines from San Jose, and we were re-booked from San Francisco. About a week later, my TAP flight was delayed and we missed our connection in Lisbon. Then again in November, my Lufthansa flight was delayed and we missed our connection. The same thing happened just last week, after my United flight was delayed! Hoping I have some better luck with that this year!

On a slightly different note, that 717 sunrise/sunset picture is amazing!

I used a Canon Powershot SX60HS. I’m really not a good photographer. I haven’t invested too much time into learning how to capture, and I am not a huge photography geek. When I was there, the A340 was only coming once. I had to estimate the zoom required before it came and hope that I got a good shot, because I had one chance. I captured it perfectly and it came out so much better than expected.

Some light editing and that’s what I got. It’s one of my all time favorite photos that I’ve taken,

Thanks for the kind words!

@GlobalFlyer1 that’s a lot of flights! Thanks for sharing.

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Here are my 2019 flights!

Route Aircraft Airline
CUN-JFK Boeing 737-900ER Delta
JFK-DAB Airbus A320 JetBlue
MCO-JFK Airbus A321 JetBlue
JFK-CMN Boeing 787-9 Royal Air Maroc
CMN-JFK Boeing 787-8 Royal Air Maroc
JFK-MCO Airbus A320 JetBlue
DAB-ATL McDonald Douglas MD90 Delta
ATL-JFK Boeing 767-300ER Delta
JFK-ATL Airbus A320 Delta
ATL-DAB McDonald Douglas MD88 Delta
DAB-CLT CRJ-900LR American/PSA
CLT-JFK Boeing 737-800 American
LGA-DAB Embraer E175 American/Republic
MCO-ISP Boeing 737-700 Southwest
ISP-MCO Boeing 737-700 Southwest
MCO-CUN Airbus A320 JetBlue

A LOT of Florida-NY flights (live in NY, go to college in FL so that’s why lol).

As for cool flights, there’s the Delta 763 I took ATL-JFK (equipment swap, it was supposed to be a 739) and I got a flatbed in Delta One for the short flight! Also got to go on my first Dreamliner (both -8 and -9) so that was a lot of fun!)
This is my current phone wallpaper, just after leaving CMN on the 787-8. Love the wingflex!

Also with my college’s airport club, we got to go on the ramps and taxiways at RSW and MCO! At MCO we got right up close to the active runway and taxiway. What a trip! Here’s 2 cool pics I got from the trip to MCO

Looking forward to 2020! Get to go on a Dreamliner again with EgyptAir and can’t wait to see where else my travels take me :)

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So again. I feel flexed on with how much you guys fly.
I flew
All on southwest.

Looks like an awesome year! You can see mine here:

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