Young Eagles

Oh a recent visit to Naples Municipal Airport (KAPF), I noticed a small group of Cessnas parked together near the main terminal building. You may be asking yourself, what’s so remarkable about that?

(Cessna Timeline)

Upon further inquiry, I learned that the aircraft were part of the Young Eagles program. Run by the Naples chapter of the EAA, local kids are given the opportunity to sit in the pilot’s seat and handle the controls of an aircraft, many for the first time.

(2001 Cessna 172)

(1960 Cessna 172)

(1950 Cessna 170)

The program is run monthly to give aspiring young pilots an opportunity to gain experience, and potentially inspire a career in aviation. I wish I could have been part of such an amazing program when I was growing up.


I am in the young eagles program, and it’s incredible! What amazes me is that you get two free flights, and free ground school. This is all at no cost. I would not have been able to fly as much as I do without the young eagles. They also got me discounted tix to Oshkosh


What struck me is that 1950 Cessna 170, first because of its unusual body shape between the back of the wing and the start of the tail, and also the fact that the Cessna 172 is that old. You learn something new every day!

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I do this program! It’s incredible!

I have been twice to the monthly gatherings, very cool! They make everyone pancakes and eggs at the private EAA hanger they have at my airport. It’s a great program for sure.


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