You Will Love This View!

Passing Near Aspen on the way to LA as a passenger ^^!
This is the wing view we all want in the game 😛😇

Flight Détails:

A/C: A359
Livery: Air France
Server: Expert


“No grab” -A350


That’s a great shot mate!

Thank you!

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At first I thought you were saying you were flying to Aspen in an A350 and I about had a brain aneurysm


😂😂😂ah it’s impossible there is a TFR 👻

Digging that scenery!

Make sure to keep your screenshots post at least 24 hours apart as per guidelines next time :)

Oh I thought we were allowed to post max 3 topic screenshot per day

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An honest mistake, I guess but it’s in the about category :)

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Ooh crab my bad Thanks! I will do that next time!

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No worries.

Now that’s some great scenery. No matter how many times I see photos of Aspen’s scenery, I can never find the time to fly there.

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It’s nice,A350 is the best!

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Try the KLAX-KASE CRJ700 it’s not too long and very scenic

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