"You were already instructed to change frequency"

Hello I was looking for this for ATC on TS and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is it on Misc messages?

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Sorry! Only On Expert!

Weird. Someone else on TS had used this before

It’s at the bottom of MISC.


This Should Also Be in ATC category.

They may have been an IFATC person training. IFATC get extended controls

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Yeah I still don’t see it at the bottom.

No, its also on TS. It should be in MISC, and it’s called “Duplicate Frequency Change” all the way at the BOTTOM :)


Lol I don’t why it’s not showing for me. The thing all the way at the bottom shows “check runway”

that’s weird. You have Screenshot to share?

Like stated above, only IFATC controllers have that message in their inventory


When I was on TS before becoming IFATC, that command was there. They removed it on TS now?

A lot of messages were removed including “Please follow instructions”

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yes. but that is on expert now.

This command is only found on the ground frequency. You said you saw “check runway”, which is found on the tower frequency. Are you looking in the right place?


“you where already instructed to change frequency”

If that is in the TS it will be “Duplicate Frequency Change”


Yes, at one point TS controllers had access to all of the misc. commands. Now, only expert has access to all of them. Sorry!

Oh oops yeah I was on the tower frequency. Thank you for the clear up :)


I use it all the time on training sever when I control GROUND frequency…It’s used to tell pilots who ask for a frequency change when they reach the hold bar at the runway in use…(when the pilot misses the end of the taxi instruction…contact tower when ready)