“You two characters are going to Top Gun”

This is a quite in accurate remake of the scene when Maverick from Top Gun drives past Miramar base on his first day there, one day after he gets sent to Top Gun. Enjoy ;)
Location: Miramar, Calif. Fightertown U.S.A.
Server: Casual
Aircraft: F-14 (Tomcat)
Time: Photos taken a few minutes before this topic was posted


I’ve never seen the movie/show but those are great pictures 👍👍

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Mate you need to watch it, it’s upon one of the best aviation (or jet) based movies out there. Thank you for your feedback though ;)


Ok. I’ll look into it. See where I can watch it. Is it on Netflix?

Those are some nice photos!

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Awesome shots man

Thanks, mate!

Just googled it apparently it isnt on netflix

Ahh ok. I’ll find a way 👀👀

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Bottom line, you haven’t lived until you watch Top Gun. Arguably the best movie I’ve ever watched.

awesome pictures man! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks mate! Goated movie!

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Who are you talking about?

I was referencing the movie when goose says Maverick says where’d he go, then goose says where’d who go!? Or something like that. Lol

Ahh ok, I see

Heh I know exactly what you accomplished here 👍

Wish we could photoshop Mav on his bike racing the cat. Great shots



That’s exactly what I tried to do there! I should’ve had my gear down for longer, but my airplane pitch was pretty close

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