You should buy live+ when global comes out

I know there has been a ton of topics asking about,should somebody buy live+ now or wait later, but since global is in the alpha stage, which is close.If I where you I would wait until global comes out to buy the Live+ new price (since it is going up).This is for all the people who wonder or worry about buy live+ now or later.
Share your thoughts about the idea

Hopefully you take my advice
Your friend,@Infiniteflight_Delta


Then you will be aware that these will have been closed due to their speculative nature. Simply put there is no solid answer and I believe that they said that FDS have not ben decided on the pricing in the meet up interview. It is up to you and is your money so make your own decision! There is no point speculating so stop with these topics as they are simply useless and a waste of storage (no offence)

P.S no one knows when global is coming so don’t just state its “just around the corner”


It’s your decision. Please, stop with these topics.

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It is still not confirmed that live and global will be directly connected in terms of pricing.
It was hinted that live and global will be seperate subscriptions.

Why can’t just everybody calm down and wait until we have (more) information about pricing?


Where does this information come from?


I am not making any decision, and what topics

He is referring to all the global speculation like topics not only about pricing but everything else under the moon. Simply put they are useless and do not make any progressso they should be stopped.

Ok, yeah I thought if you, where to buy live+.Then you would get live+ and global.

Can everyone calm down, this topic is for PEOPLE not me, but EVERYONE else in the forum who are thinking about buying Live+ now or when global comes out.So I ( this is my OPINION, you don’t have to go with my opinion)SAY TO BUY LIVE+ WHEN GLOBAL COMES OUT.(This should ease up the topics on " should I buy Live+ ".

What is the point in this if there are already so many exsisting posts and you seem very misinformed and in no place to advice people of spending $40.00 +


Didn’t actually know there were that many topics for Live+, but I never want to see one of those or the “which plane should I get” topics again


I disagree. Like others have said, there is no set model for the new pricing so there’s no way to know if waiting would be a benefit or not.

That was literally from two minutes of searching aswell

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What do you mean by " no place to advise people"?

Well at least every time I see “which plane should I get”.

Well the fact you said that “global was right around the corner” aswell as the fact topic already have an almost identical post which you made less than three weeks ago which was closed for a reason

You have already made a topic like this, and it was closed.

It was closed for a reason.


Where do you have that from ? #hype

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Listen stop with the speculation - it will get you nowhere there are already countless topics on this matters - some of which made by you. If you look at them youll see a trend - theyre closed because they dont get anyone anywhere. My advice is to check Laura’s social networks or the evolution of global flight thread for any confirmed news and not this speculative nonsense.

It’s been all over the forum, everybody knows that.

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