You should be on expert

What they just said 👏👏☝️🔥

I am a Grade 4 pilot and have well above 4,500+ ops and I am in the process of IFATC. I always see people not following directions, sometimes I don’t cause the controller has no idea what they are doing like giving a go around for a empty runway. Those people who you see ignoring TSATC that do know what they are doing are probably trolls or are using the TS cause they are in a rush for a flight.


What I’m saying is, that it’s hard to expect people to taxi to a specific runway since there is no ATIS that people follow on TS

What about the graded pilots that use the excuse that the training server air-traffic controller doesn’t know what they’re doing just because they didn’t get the runway of their choice…As long as the winds are in my favour I should be good

Have you read all of the ATC tutorials or watched them at least?

Yes…I also read in the public manual remember there are two manuals…One to the public and one that you’re seeing beyond the public obviously

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Ok, sure I’m just trying to prove my point on this thread because, I don’t understand much of what he means sometimes

I I’m saying is if you can flyexpert and your on the training server and we provide the same volunteer time and energy and we give you correct ATC instructions please follow them otherwise fly expert that’s all I was saying…Just because the pilot agreed it expert didn’t get the runway choice that they wanted I still don’t know what I’m doing

Here’s my two cents on the matter and the situation currently at hand.

As it is the training server, there’s not much that we can do, as well as what you can do. Trolls will be trolls, and the surplus of pilots due to the quarantine doesn’t make the situation any better. I’m sorry that you were not happy with your experience, but like I said, there’s not much that we can do to enforce things like these on the training server.

I think the most optimal solution to your issue is to join IFATC, as I mentioned earlier. Once again, the link is here: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


I would switch it the other way around and recommend those pilots to fly on casual. No sense in making your problem someone else’s.

Casual = Fly the way you want
Training = Learn
Expert = Put your training knowledge to use


Exactly…thank you

You want people who are expert to stay on TS or go on ES? And people who don’t know, you want them to go on ES or TS. Cause I’m confused

But that is not what your post is mentioning. You are essentially telling trolls to go troll the expert server.

Expert who are on the training server they do not listen to training server air-traffic controllers will give correct instructions should not be on the server because they will complain that we don’t know what they’re doing but ignore correct ATC commands but fly militant On expert

You can’t threaten people to go on ES and use the same behaviour to get ghosted and when you can’t on TS, I don’t get what you mean

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Okay for you as long as I give you correct air-traffic controller instructions on the training server my departure runway is my departure runway and my arrival runway is my arrival runway…do not just push back and do what you want to do because if you do that one expert ghost my only options are to just close the air space and let you deal with UNICOM until you leave the airspace

You might think you’re instructions are correct, others may not, be advised and ask others how you’re going with your instructions to see if you’re displaying them correctly

Hey, do you mind checking my PM? I’d like to help you out.

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