You should be on expert

Disclaimer this is not a rent. If you are able to fly on expert fly expert I have seen an increase of expert graded pilots who don’t follow correct training server air-traffic controller constructions if you don’t like the runway we give you…exit…and spawn on expert… You might get the same runway we gave you on TS 🤣🤣👌…we know what we’re doing as well we are beingTrained by experts 👏😔🙄…Please feel free to close this topic if it goes against any guidelines not opinions

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As it is training server, there’s not much that we can do about the issue, as it is the pilot’s choice as to what server they fly on. If you want better compliance from your pilots and a better experience, I suggest getting started with IFATC!

The link to that info is here: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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I see what you’re saying but this is the opposite behavior we want to promote. If you don’t want to listen to instructions on TS, do NOT go on Expert! You’ll just get ghosted and be stuck on TS.

Although I’m unclear on the overall message of this post, I picked up on that point.

Unfortunately as ATC on the training server, you’ll have to put up with those pilots who are still learning their way around the ropes.


☝️ exactly

I applied for IFATC almost a week ago now, but didn’t get the optimal score to proceed, so I just requested training like 5 days ago (yet I still haven’t got a response), something is holding them up somehow

Ok… thats the exact opposite of what you said in your original post.

@RileyBozina I’ll send you a PM.

I’ll help you via PM :)

Edit: I think @Will_A will PM you.

Thanks, guys! I appreciate it ;)

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Don’t worry everybody is busy you be IFATC sooner than you know

Yep I just gotta watch those ATC tutorials

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That part ☝️

Y’all, please take the off topic chatter somewhere else.

Jeodanie, can you perhaps expand on what you’re saying? It seems as if you want pilots who don’t listen to go to expert which seems to defeat the purpose of the training server as a whole.

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Yeah good point I probably will

I was controlling at dubai only using 12R for ALL DEPARTURES… I had no problem with crossing them across runway 12 left… with progressive tax instructions …a grade 4 or a couple of them decided to spawn near 12L which was my LANDING/ARRIVAL runway ONLY I gave them a push back for runway 12R and they ignored me and they were all graded pilot who are free to be ghosted if not following correct ATC instructions on expert.

Ah I see.

A few points here. Firstly, grade means nothing in terms of experience flying under ATC control. It simply means a pilot has flown a certain amount. The fact that they ignored your instructions is quite frustrating but to be expected on a server intended for the development of both piloting and ATC skills.

Secondly, you should not be wishing ghosts on these pilots. Despite how great it would be to get them off of your hands, keep in mind that the training server is for the purpose of learning. If these pilots were to fly on the Expert server, they would most likely receive reports.

In fact, these pilots were actually making a wise decision flying on the training server. Maybe they’re still learning and didn’t want to risk a report, or perhaps they felt rebellious and intentionally didn’t listen to you. We’ll have to leave that part up to our imagination.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing that can be done but hope for some obedient pilots.


What exactly are you trying to say?

Someone who is expert graded pilot can purposefully not follow instructions on TS, which means they are trolling or something… and when they fly on expert server, they actually follow instructions and are disciplined pilots.

You want training server to be professional or unprofessional?

In other words I don’t care if your flight plan has you departing from a runway that I’m only using for arrivals…I will give you progressive taxi instructions if needed which were not supposed to use that one then because it requires an extreme amount of monitoring listen to correct ATC instructions and do not ignore me as if I don’t know what I’m doing because it is the training server

Well it’s hard to do that on Training server since there is no ATIS information