You’re on a jet over the pacific when you have an engine failure.

Imagine - You’re on A Delta 767 enroute from Beijing China heading to Seattle Washington when you have an engine failure. You’re unable reach Coldbay, King Salmon, or Anchorage Alaska so where do you go?

Well Delta just recently had this issued and decided to head to Eareckson Air Station. Shemya Island is home to Eareckson Air Station which is maintained by the 611th Air Support operating the COBRADAME. Along with several contractors who keep the 10 thousand foot runway Open. Shemya is one of the main diverting fields for Asia-N.American flights. The Delta 767 did land successfully and Delta is sending Another jet up to rescue it’s passengers!


Oooh, some scary business right there. I hope all the PAX make it to their destinations for Christmas.

Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year 🎉


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Well that airport is quite a life saver! Would be quite scary not having it during an engine failure!


Gotta do what you gotta do to make sure PAX are safe

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@TheCoolPilot agreed! Its a great airfield and an island with nothing but a great landing spot!

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@anon7075715 I think they will be! Only a 4 or 5 hour flight to SEA

That aircraft can land on one engine no problem. Heck it can land on no engines with some focus.

P.s Sane Patria would do it. Drunk Patria would attempt it 😎


@Patria well a single engine operation over water sounds kinda iffy personally lol
That’s alright, these pilots like be safe lol

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Drunk Patria would do it anyway…🙄😎

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So other than fuel consumption. Let’s set that aside, along with the risk of a second failure, is there really anything stopping a plane from continuing for a while on one eingen?

Do you have a link to this incident as I cannot find any… 😔 Thanks! (Also Merry Christmas guys!)

I could assume the only thing that required the aircraft to divert is that it’s a 767 and isn’t as fuel efficient and would be burning too much fuel with that one engine. Also they might’ve wanted to take precautions, I’m not sure what kind of indications they were getting in the cockpit

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Yes - It’s probably required have two operational engine to dispatch lol

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No, I mean more like in this situation, you said they couldn’t make it anywhere else, is that a fuel/safety thing? Or is one eingen actually that unsustainable?


You need two engines to fly safely, so with one it isn’t safe. Sure crews can technically fly with one but the safety aspect is different

@JeromeJ I bet if the 787 engine would of failed they would divert too. Which they have lol

Oh I’m certain they would divert Depending On the Circumstances if they were getting abnormal indications than it’s safer to divert. We don’t know what went on in the cockpit yet or why they choose on divert! You also don’t know if a 787 would divert (even if one has before) because it depends on the situation, they’re not all the same!!

I can tell you I’ve seen 787s Divert to cold Bay Alaska do you do an engine issue. Anytime an engine issue comes up majority of the tome pilots divert and land rather be safe than sorry

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You’re right, I was just trying to answer @KPIT question that the plane wouldn’t always have to divert (could safely make it to a larger airport/destination) but likely would be diverted out of an abundance of caution

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