You’re boutchering mon “biutifoul langoauge”

Today I was at my garden. I saw a bee- i mean, an abellie
And I told the bee, um sorry, abellie if it was a bee. Its response was:

You’re boutschering mon buioutifoul language

Such a mean bee, I mean abellie, tho it’s English was butchering our BOTTA O WATTA. How does that abellie dare to do that. Luckily I took the abellie some photos and reported it to the roller skating police, like one normally does.

Flight info

6454nm, 14:50h, LFPO-PHOG, A350 frenchbee, solo

Takeoff from Paris! 🇫🇷🛫

You won’t believe me, but this is snow. 🇬🇱

Approaching Maui 🏝️

Butter or should I say baguette 🥖

Wich was your favorite picture?
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Beau tire!! (Im in french 2 dont bully me)

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Why nice wheels?

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lol i remember seeing rock paper scissors shoot on the board in french and i thought it said something papier ciseaux tire lol


Beau avion! Me French class is being helpfull

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Should really try to learn more languages.

Stop complaining swaviator you’re always complaining. The thrust was due to the wind that was making me go way to slow, which would result in a crash or a hard landing. I don’t know how do I offend you. But you’re clearly angry. So stop being like that.

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Wait… that doesn’t mean tires ?


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google translate says shoot is tirer i guess, close enough

Oh! I thought it didn’t meant that!

Opinion impopulaire, je n’aime pas l’A350! (French 4 💪)

Unpopular opinion, I don’t like the A350.


I mean, in all fairness to him, if that’s your style of editing then you do you, but if you want some helpful tips. Less blur would make all the difference, also dropping the teal blue in the other image. Captions, and title/intro, well, I won’t comment on them… 💀

But hey, if that’s what you like, then that’s great and that’s what matters. l couldn’t care enough to try and control your style, the suggestions are more just helpful points for use at your own discretion, and I’m just a random guy so you don’t have to listen to them at all…

Happy screenshotting, and unique shots, definitely something fresh on the forum, but cool overall. 👍


Magnifique, bravo pour toutes ces photos de french bee


Très belles photos, bravo!


Yeah it just had a problem that there was no blur pencil, so I at the end used too many layers of lens blur and it did not end well. Tho my problem is that he always comments things like “this rots my brain” but thanks for the suggestion about the blur. I’ll keep an eye on how much is applied!


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Nein, aber A350 ist wirklich toll!

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Yeah, i was going to do it green tho I did it blue due to the livery :)

I thin that the A350 should really have a cabin, it would make it 1000x times better

Ja! Der a350 is sehr toll!