You pick I fly

So I am really indecisive about where I want to fly so I want the community to help me do this so I have given a lists of routes that I could fly and you guys votes thanks.

    1. EGCC-EGLL BA A319
    1. KEWR-KFLL UA A320
    1. KTPA-KPHL AA A320
    1. KBTV-KJFK DA CRJ-900
    1. KMCO-KJFK JB A321
    1. LEPA-EIDE Aer Lingus A320
    1. LPFR-EDDV TUI fly B737-800
    1. LSZH-UUEE Swiss a321

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KEWR-KFLL! My favorite route.

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I have moved the poll back 30mins so now it will end at 8:30 pm est

The winner is KEWR-KFLL in the A320 with United

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@DeerCrusher can you close this