You ordered something?

Hello !
Have you ordered something ? Some apples, a new TV, an elephant ?
No problem, this plane is capable of carrying all of these (well we have to hope that the elephant don‘t walk to the cockpit) ✈️

Flight information:
Airport: EHAM (a bit windy)
Aircraft: A330-200F
Route: -

(this is just a photoshop)

Well I really like this plane and the livery !
Hope that the A330 will be reworked soon ✈️

I would appreciate a like and a comment below and guys, tomorrow no school because of the storm Ciara !
Thanks Ciara 🎉


Simple yet realistic. No filters or anything. Pure IF, and I like it!


Thank you very much !


You totally earned it.


This made me laugh so hard my parents wondered if everything was ok with me 😂.


Good news for me 😂


I ordered a meme delivery. Glad DHL is buttering that landing to help me get my memes.

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Haha lol 😂

Yes, plenty of things. They’re all expensive items which are of no use to me whatsoever. I just bought this engine from Ebay:

The coin in the picture is a US cent, which gives you an idea of how small it is. By itself it produces enough power to run a mechanical insect. With more engines you might be able to power an airliner but you’d need a lot of them ( like, A LOT, lot).


Awesome! Schiphol sure is windy right now 😅

It was hell biking to school yesterday.

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This is absolutely well done, looks really as of the livery would be in IF (had to check wether it is!).
Thanks for sharing!

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Haha well I don‘t have school today 😂 (it‘s currently 0:22am in Munich lol)

Thanks you !

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I will deliver it ! ✈️😂

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Well no, I didn’t order anything but, really nice pic!

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