You Know You Have An Infinite Flight Addiction When...

You have a dream and orange subtitles appear when you do something wrong.

I think I have a problem 😂

I’ll be interested to hear other people’s stories. GO!


Erm I don’t think seeing orange subtitles when you do something wrong is normal lol. I did have a dream about flying a a380 tho


If you play IF too much you see IF when you multitask on apple and it says Good morning,


I’ll find the picture later, it was so funny when I saw it.

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I would of been so happy to fall back to sleep

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I don’t think I was ever fully awake literally sit up, realise it is charging then fall straight back asleep.

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It’s in best memes of the secret place.

No not like that.You wake up from sleeping for like 30 seconds and realized your dream wasn’t real and you will feel good falling to sleep because your worry wasn’t real

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Ok, I just found it.


Now thats funny

One time I had a dream about flying the caravan… That’s all I could see the entire dream…

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Only Snapchat says good morning to me, not infinite flight.

I keep checking the forum at school and leave it open always. (laptop school, no its not online just that every student has a laptop)


One time I had a dream of flying in the A318 and wokeup and realized I was sitting up already holding my hands out like I was steering my iPad.😂 Most awkward thing ever, especially since I was sleeping on the couch at the time


You know you have an Infinite Flight addiction when your inner monologue is the ATC Siri voice.


I just had a really weird dream. I was flying on live and I got two violations for speeding, and then while backtaxiing I had a runway excursion. After I ended the flight I was so sad. If felt so real!

Time to see psychiatrist, i think i would classify that as a nightmare ! haha

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When you’re sitting in the cockpit of a real commercial airliner flying around in IF.

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You know you have an aviation addiction when you text somebody “ILY” and the autocorrect changes it to “ILS”.


Hahaha yes or “Standby” or “disregard last message.”


When the headset icon is burned into your screen on your phone lol.

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