You have reached the maximum number of likes, please wait 4 seconds before trying again

Just recently, a lot of times when I surf through the IFC to use up likes, after a few likes I get the ever so familiar “you have reached the maximum number of likes” but it says something like 4 minutes, 53 seconds, 12 seconds, and I don’t know when I’ve actually used up all my likes…


Could you send a screenshot when this happens? I’ve personally never had this issue where it says the seconds twice, even though I use up my likes a lot :)

You have 50 likes available per 24hrs. Sounds like you reached that limit.


but after the short periods of time end, I still have way more and I don’t know where to stop…

Thats because you will get a certain amount of likes left after [Insert time here] has passed. Happens to me a lot. Also, you should be using your likes wisely instead of using them on every post you see, in order to avoid this from happening again!

(I dont spam)

According to your profile, you have liked 74 posts in the last 33 minutes. I don’t believe the statistic because it isn’t entirely possible but I’m checking it, and you’re liking almost every post you see!

Remember, use likes wisely. Not every post is worth liking, even if you want to spread positivity 😃


Does anyone know the limit for regulars?

It’s the same I believe.

It’s increased by 10-20 if I remember correctly

And where can I find the recuirements for each TL e.g how many looks I need to give or
how many topics/posts I need to create.

The requirements are kept hidden to prevent farming

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