You have one route to fly for the rest of your life.. which one do you choose and why?

You are asked to pick your favorite route in infinite flight- the catch is that you can only fly this route for the rest of your time playing… which one would you choose? And why?


I’d choose United’s Island hopper, because it’s just plainly sick. Island hopping is amazing and in a 737 in beautiful places in the Pacific, just adds to the amazingness

I’d chose British airways’ flights to Aberdeen, I have flown it the most and just love the route.

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SKBO - SKBQ because it’s my home route in many ways. Flown it a ton irl and it’s short but sweet - pretty scenic if you ask me.

Probably either EGLL- OMDB or EGGD- Madeira

Am going coast to coast KLAX to KJFK in preferably an MD-11F

Mumbai-Delhi 4lyf

DFW to Kahului Maui American Airlines 787-9

Here’s the reason: i’ve never been to Hawaii it would be on a 787 I’ve never been on a widebody and also I would love to be in paradise on a beautiful tropical island 🏝

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SFO-DEL UNITED 787-9 I just love it

São Paulo to Montpellier-France is the coolest city I’ve ever been to and with the right to first class. I went once (economy) and the trip was with 777-200ER and 300. Amazing!!!

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Pretty much any flight from the east coast to Hawaii. I flew from Washington Dulles to Honolulu in December and you get to fly over all of America and then fly the beautiful approach into HNL all in the day time. Super scenic flight.

If you like long hauls you should try KDFW-VHHH! One of my faves in addition to KSFO-VIDP

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