You guys want to see some St. Maarten pics?

I’m going to be in St. Maarten tomorrow (1/27/16) and I’m asking if you guys want to see some pics of some planes there. Let me know and I will make a thread containing my pics 😄.


Yes that would be very cool
Happy holidays ✈

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Try and get the amerijet 727 and the klm 747.

Should this be in #real-world-aviation?

Thank you, I’ll try to get some good pics.

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Do you know when the KLM 744 lands at St. Maarten?

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at half past twelve local time.


I’m just bookmarking this one…

Oh I guess that I won’t be able to see it

Where are you flying in from?

I’m not flying in. I’m currently on a cruise and one of the ports that it’s visiting is St Maarten 😊.

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I moved it. Thank you Dush 😉

Ok okay, I did the same thing a few years ago. It’s actually where my profile picture came from.

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Oh that’s your profile pic? Idk but you profile pic looks like a drawing than an actual pic lol. Still looks nice tho

It’s edited with filters from Instagram thats why it looks like that.

@Carson , you carefully looking at my grammar becuase of the little remark I made couple of weeks ago?

Yeah lol I can tell. Pic overall is still nice tho

Always ;) haha

Thanks lol. I actually had a video I took of that 747 landing so I’ll try to find it. Was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Have fun tomorrow!

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Thanks, I don’t know if it’s tomorrow though. I think it’s tomorrow but if it’s not then it will be Thursday. Nonetheless I’ll try to get some good pics for you guys.