You get for what you pay

Today i came back from Antalya
The price for oneway from AMM to AYT or coming back (1.5h Flight) for one person less than 50$
And you get for what you pay

RIP for the guy who ate the safetycard

Umm… why you didnt change this bag… it contain gums…

Bags took 2.5h to reach us…


And i thought Ryan air were bad


What airline?

The title says it all.

Jordan Aviation, Charter airline based in Jordan

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You dislike the airline that has part of your name in it. Ha.

I love that airline, ot is just Details that only Avgeeks care about (window was dirty…)

Ah ok. I see what you mean.

Qantas may have forgot to change a bag once on a 4 hour flight.

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