You erased my account!

I was in mid flight set up and it said for the second time since I’ve had this app that I don’t have an active account! I was grade 3 able to fly on expert… I need my account back with all my hours and stats!!!

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You could have possibly been logged out. Try logging back in.

First I would change the category from General > Support. Did you delete the app or restart the app before reloading IF?


Sorry to hear you’re having these issues.
The root cause for these are however not due to someone deleting accounts.

You have one subscription that’s trying to renew but fails due to billing issues, but is in a grace period and therefor works but if it tries to renew the grace period while you’re flying you may experience the issue you’re describing.

And at the same time, you have a “normal” subscription.

So, if you simply cancel the one that’s trying to renew… you should not be experiencing this any more.


My second account I was using was deleted aswell. Very strange

Except nothing has been deleted as I clearly explained above.

Not sure what you mean by that but I will give you a bit more information. I made a new account so i could use two for two different devices and suddenly the other one disappeared I tried finding it on the community by searching the username and couldn’t find it but it’s fine since now I’m using this account only since it has all my stats. But I’m still not sure why it just disappeared

Edit: sorry didn’t read that correctly. I didn’t have any billing issues

What I mean is that the OP claimed his account was erased, which i followed up with a reply explaining the situation. So I’m not sure what you mean by “my account was erased as well” since no account has been erased in terms of this topic :)

Regarding your issue - if you created a second Community profile it may have been either deleted as a duplicate (Staff or moderators needs to be informed or this will happen) or it was automatically deleted by the system for inactivity. It’s usually the latter since system does it “regular cleanups”.

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