"You could start a more productive farm than @Robertine" - ButterBoi

What a nice spotting place you have, @KTJ_Mitchell

Welcome to Chicago! O’Hare, not Midway.


Location: Schiller Park Metra Station
Duration: ~2 hours
Aircraft: Eh.
Camera: Sony RX10

Can I get a bo’o’o’wo’er?

Oh hey Jordanian

Why does this look photoshopped?




Eva Aire

A340 omg! 😳


Prim Air

There is a part 2 😏

There is like 5 extra planes.


My package better be on that Prim Air

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The Prim Air has a Cebu Pacific A380 if that’s what you’re looking for. 😏

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Yeeaaahhhh, that’s right!

Lovely job, love the angle, I know right where you are as well with these!

I know all detail airlines in the world and does this help the words?

“British Airways”.

Qatar Airways.

Aer Lingus.

EVA Air.

Asiana Airlines Cargo.

Prime Air


@amaryahjohnson1996 Yeah that’s cool and all but….

Who the frick asked


Thank ye!

No it’s bottle of water lol


The Translater we need but not the one we deserve

hoenstly i didnt know they were still in service What a Capture!

Neither did I!

But it really does need a rework.

I’m glad you came to Chicago! I hope you enjoyed your spotting session!

Also @Rolls what doesw the Title mean?



Thank you!

There’s grain

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They have daily service to ORD, sometimes they use the 777W or the A330, Lufthansa also sometimes does a early morning arrival with theirs as well, they might even put the A346 back in o’hare’s schedule

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Fair enough

Or honestly. Yes, I know what does he say about this topic, so sometimes words are listed. “Rolls” and I think he’s from the Netherlands?

Nice pictures. Next time, I recommend going to gate gourmet though. Much closer to the action!

Thanks! Could’ve told me earlier if you knew, lol.

Never asked me 😜

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Bruv you steppin up? I’ll spark you out

It doesn’t because it’s not even in the game