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Delta early to mid 2000s livery


American retro livery


United airlines retro (battleship grey)

  • Delta
  • American
  • United

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I’m only saying united because during that time period the USAF always booked us on Southwest because of stationed in TX…… Back then the “Hearts” on the aircraft meant how many beers the pilot has to have before flying lol

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Hey Evan! Great photos and I definitely love that American Airlines photo.

Sadly, you do have to wait a 24-hour time period before posting again in #screenshots-and-videos.

What I mean by 24-hour time period, lets say you post at … 3:30pm, you must wait until 3:30pm the next day.

Just keep that in mind next time! I cannot wait for more of your photos!

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I love the B757 because it’s so powerful

Oh ok sorry

i must say, i love the old delta livery. Although many people like the American livery i personally dont lol.

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