“You can’t log in as Marshall_Hilfman from that IP address”

Hey community. I recently recieved my dad’s old iPad and went to sign into the IF Community, but a message appeared saying: “You can’t log in as Marshall_Hilfman from that IP address.” How am I supposed to log in from the iPad with my account?


What kind of account do you have google? maybe possibly a google 2 step verification?

It’s a simple email account where I type my username in the box.

Are you logging in from a differnet network or device?

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yes but what type of account is your IF account under?

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Yep, that’s the point here. I usually use my iPhone but can’t with this new iPad.

Probably because your IP address may be blocked. If that’s the case then you should contact a moderator.


That’s what I said bobo. Not any type, just the regular email. Not google or Facebook or other.

oh ok so try logging in on a diffrent device on the same wifi network and try that like a phone or another ipad if possible and see if it might be something with your wifi. that would be my suggestion.

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I used to have this problem to do with IP Adresses etc. All you need to do is message a mod and they can whitelist your IP and it’ll stop this from occurring.


Did you use your secondary account on your dad’s iPad before it was deleted? That is most likely the reason to why this is happening.

I think that you can’t log in on the same account on diffrent IP address