You Can Only Fly between 2 Cities

If you could only fly between 2 cities and with one plane and livery in IF? I would personally fly between SEA-SFO in an Alaska A320. The scenery is beautiful, the flight takes 1:30-2 hours depending on wind and whether you fly at Mach .86 or Mach .78. I always feel satisfied when landing this flight which is something that not many flights give me anymore


The reason: The flight is operated multiple times a day (It is the busiest route in SEA and PDX according to Flightradar24) and is operated on a verity of aircraft by Delta and Alaska from the Dash 8 to the B767

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767 from KSEA to KPDX? Who operates this?

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Delta airlines

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KJFK/KLGA - KFLL because I’ve been on it so many times
Delta a319

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KSFO - KLAX with the united A320 as I’ve flown this flight before and the scenery is quite amazing.

Probably either Singapore to Newark or somewhere in Europe like Munich to VHHH
And with either a SIngapore 777 or a Cathay Pacific 777

KIAH-KPHL in a United 739. It is a 3 hour and 30 minute flight that goes over some great scenery.

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San Francisco to Delhi

Although an extremely long route, it is my favorite route to fly! Soon, United will begin flying between the 2 cities, so you can choose between the United 789 or the Air India 77L/773… about a 15 1/2 hour flight

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DEN-LGA my favorite route

KORD-KBOS is a good one.

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I would rather quit IF than have to fly between two cities forever.


Same actually, repetition isn’t fun. Especially for those who fly a lot like me.


My favorite? KLAS - KSEA or the opposite. My second choice would be KLAS - KSLC

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M.86 is quite fast in the A320, but if I’ve flown that route before and it’s beautiful.

One of my favourite flights to fly is from Sydney to Lord Howe Island (A stunning Island off the East coast of Australia).

Another one of my favourites is from Brisbane to Hamilton Island.

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PANC-PAJN or KSEA-PAJN. Both are beautiful routes with lots of mountains and snow. Both routes are very similar but are unique in their own way!

KMSY-EGLL BA787-8. My favorite route.


KJFK and KLAX in a 738 Southwest or American.

MSY-MCO, flying over the Florida panhandle is great!

@Big_Elijah you from New Orleans to?