You Can Now Own A Boeing 737 MAX Airpark

The airpark at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington, is for sale or lease as of May 5th. The 137-acre facility is known for housing aircraft – especially the Boeing 737, which remains grounded.

Most commercial jets can take off and land from the airport, which has a runway measuring 13,500 feet. The 137-acre facility is just off the runway. There is a 30-year fence agreement that gives this facility access to the runway.

What do y’all think about this Airpark? Lemme know in the comments below ↓

  • Worth the investment
  • Waste of space
  • Addition to my AvGeek collection

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Probably make back your money very quickly

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Bruh how much does this cost cause that’d actually be cool.

Who else thought that they turned a 737 into a playground? Like if you did. (Seriously, that would be baller)

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I had to stop and tell myself “I’m not dreaming” when I saw this title.

This would be awesome to actually have.

Switch “737MAX” with “757” and I’m sold

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Then switch that right on back from “757” to “737MAX” and I’m down.


It went from




@Robertine has entered the chat

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I mean, it would be nice to own it, but would the airlines have a problem with you snooping around there aircraft? I assume thats the only reason anyone here would buy it.

Oh great now my mind is fixed on how they got those planes in those positions.

A wonderful vehicle called a “pushback tug.”

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I’m selling everything I own. I’ll put up a giant sign that says:

“Official Infinite Flight Community Airpark”

This seems reasonable:



I think airplane storage facilities can actually be very much economically viable. Highly specialised industry though, which means quite some training/preparations required, but apart from that this could actually be a good investment opportunity for those with the required capital and time.

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Yes 😂

This is awesome!

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And then back to

No sir. I’d gladly fly any Boeing aircraft minus the 757.

I think my Gemini Jets Models would look cool on my little table next to the airfield

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I live in Moses Lake, and see the planes every time I drive by the airport. It is a funny and sad seeing. Btw there is a air force kc-135 fly over for respecting the people that work against COVID at 12:22p.m. today.

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Yes let me just open my bugentless wallet, Standby

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