You can now buy the Japanese air force one!

Get your credit cards out lads

A Boeing 747-400 that carried Japan’s emperor and several prime ministers on official state business is for sale for $28 million.

The former Japanese government aircraft (registration N7474C) entered service in 1991 and flew under call sign “Japanese Air Force One”, according to a posting by the jet’s current owner, CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing of Los Angeles. The 747 has logged about 16,300h of flight time.

“One of the lowest-time Boeing 747-400’s in the world. Aircraft has been maintained to the highest possible standard,” says the posting. “Shows like new. Bedroom, shower, office and lounge area. Aircraft will be delivered fresh from C-check and paint. This looks like a factory new aircraft.”

CSDS also bought the other Japanese Air Force One, but that jetliner will be converted into a cargo aircraft, says Ben Sirimanne, president of CSDS. Originally, the Japanese air force had planned to part-out the two aircraft for $11.9 million.

Now, both aircraft are stored at Pinal Airpark in Arizona, a boneyard for commercial aircraft, according to Cirium Fleet Analyzer.

The listed 747-400 has a range of 7,500nm (13,890km). It has four high-bypass GE Aviation CF6 turbofan engines. “All GE CF6-80C2B1F engines will have more than 2,500 cycles to the first limiter,” says CSDS.

The transport has seats for 85 people, as opposed to the commercial airliner version which could hold more than 400 passengers, depending on the configuration.

The aircraft’s interiors were to be turned over to museums, the Japanese air force said previously. Thus, parts of the for-sale transport will get a new interior.

“It will be installed with a new bedroom, shower, lounge and an office,” says Sirimanne in a Twitter post.

The Japan replaced its 747-400 executive transports with a pair of 777-300ERs in April 2019.

Both Japanese Air Force One aircraft at Pinal Airpark

Japanese Air Force One seating.

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Finally, I’ve been in the market for this exact plane.


Community, get your credit cards and by this for Infinite Flight LLC


Uh nope lol

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A small loan of 28 million will do the trick.


Only? Thats like 1/3 of the price of a new Bombardier Global.


Well, if each IFC member donated only $466, we could buy this plane for IF!!!


Yup, heard about the recently. After all, we are in the next era in Japan: Reiwa. These beautiful birds have done their job well and are just simply too aged to continue service. I hope Naruhito and all the executives will get to enjoy the 773 just as much as the 744 was for the previous leaders. I think I’ll buy a 1/200 model of Japanese Air Force One


That seems reasonable XD


I’m only $28 million off, not much

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I’m only $27,999,976 short. So close!


only 28 million??? Where do i buy?

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Everyone is interested in buying it, for the sarcasm or for serious purposes, I see the both here on this thread, but the question remains… Where would one store this Queen of the Sky?

Unless your backyard can accommodate a 747, then buying the jet itself will be the least of your concerns…


My backyard


I suppose your Rotors and the 747 could be friends ;)


Let’s add this to the game! Looks very nice

Maybe sink it at the bottom of the ocean for tourist and diving attraction? 🤔 it helps the corals too.


Ehh, I’ll just park in in my driveway. No biggy.


Ok cool to know.

I want it. Problem is I don’t have $28 million.