You Can Clear More Than One Person to Back Taxi!

I just departed TFFR and ATC cleared one person at a time to back taxi. I had to have been in the departure line for at least 10 minutes. Please clear more than 1 aircraft to back taxi to expedite departures.
(there were no arriving aircraft)

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Just left that place myself. I went 70kts during back taxi.


Some airports like EGLC can hold up to 4 aircraft that have back taxied at a time, but some airports, like TFFR, don’t even have enough room to hold 1. There is a small area that extends off the side of the runway to allow more space for aircraft to make the full 180° turn to be on runway heading after back taxing, but because of the wings of the aircraft holding short and landing, it would not be safe to even have 1 aircraft holding short for another one to takeoff or land at the same time on that runway. With that, at TFFR, light aircraft like fighters or props can takeoff without back taxi, since they don’t need as much runway space compared to an aircraft like a 777, so there would be no reason to allow even small planes like a 172 to taxi and hold there, since they don’t have a reason to


You can easily fit 2 aircraft at the hold short line. (One on the runway, one in the hold short area) There was a Citation, 789, Dash8, than me (788)
I don’t see why the 789 couldn’t have been holding short while the citation takes off. While I could have been back taxiing while the Dash8 takes off. 😐