You can change your ATC voice

IFATC Education Group blog post by Kyle Boas

Did you know that you have the ability to download and choose a different ATC voice? Here is how.

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I have to say this is the shortest post like a tutorisl i have seen lol


I know right, them short posts now adays.

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I’m now tempted to remove the excerpt.

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So how do you change it? Well to get more unique voices rather than the robotic ones

The link doesn’t work

Link does not work, please fix asap I wanna know! :D

Oh well I didn’t know that, fixed. Thanks.

Nice tip! Thank you!

I’ve known this tip for 2 months now and when I get the time, I set the accent to where I’m flying, for example, flying into Mumbai I will have Indian accented ATC voices, same if flying into Sidney, makes it very fun

No problem!

That’s pretty interesting, never thought to do that.

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