You can always Go around.

I think people say that because when the newbies join, and they notice that grade 4/5 s are the highest grade, they think they would be the professionals when all of them are not.I agree with you though.

Same agree they think when there grade 4 there pros but they get on expert and get ghosted

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I feel like that they don’t want to go around because they have to go in the flight pattern and restart your approach and that takes time but they should not be doing this

People landing on closed runways or in the wrong direction really winds me up too!

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I will admit I was told to check the forums for assistance using ATC instructions and I’m grade 4, we all make mistakes.

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Remember that the Grade is not always representative of your abilities 😊

(Not trying to be rude or anything)


That is honestly worse than casual.

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Indeed.In my 1 year and couple months of flying on the Expert Server, I have never seen anything like this.That’s why I made this topic. To stop it before it gets worse.

Sadly this topic won’t do much considering most of these new pilots aren’t on the forum. IFATC does the best possible job to control them.

Some new pilots join the forum , next they would see this and they would say “Let me stop while I am on the straight and narrow”.Plus situation doesn’t occur while ATC is present, I am talking about when ATC is absent

i mean, thats only landings in x amount of time… not a real indicator of skill level…

Off-topic but the taxiway that the dash 8 is on is so small!! The Dash 8 has barely the width to even stay on the taxiway.

But I might be too nice, but they probably just got onto Expert, let them learn, they will be professionals. Just ignore them.

Or I’m just too nice

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You see now if WE were taxing on grass it’s an instant ghost.😬😂

Maybe we should have a written test to join the expert server

Only meant as a lighthearted joke. I think everyone on this thread is correct, expert server should be more of a challenge to reach and rules should be tighter. However, after all it is a game/simulator. Lets laugh at these situations. If you can’t laugh, you’ll end up crying.