You can always Go around.

This is not any public shamming but, this is just unacceptable .This is on the Expert Server.C’mon guys we need to do better.As simple as it is to go around we can’t do that? It May take couple more minutes, but it’s the appropriate and mature thing to do.I know you may think it’s fun, but you are ruining the experience for others.If you see another aircraft in front of you on 2 mile final and your right up under them, just go around.If this is the kind of attitude some of us are going to have on the Expert Server, then some of us don’t need to have access to it.Lets make an effort to do better.

Unfortunately ATC had just closed and was not present at the time.


I feel you, its unfortunate…


You can contact them if you want.


I like to take screenshots and get the player’s information when I see things like this. If you send that to a mod they tend to make sure its taken care of ;)


I believe non of them are in the IFC.Itried searching there name


He should’ve went around. They should change criteria for expert server, cuz some people aren’t “experts”, they just have lots of landings and hours.


Did you read the last sentence I sent on the topic


Mb didn’t finish reading
changed the reply


Unfortunately I’ve been seeing a higher frequency of this over time. More ppl not using Unicom, taxing through you, cutting you off, not going around, taking their sweet precious time to get off the runway, and even intentionally making you go around. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t have the IFC so it’s hard to contact them. If more people had access to the forum, they would have access to so many nice tutorials.


I agree, it is almost unreal how many more cases like this are arising more frequently now.


More and more people are getting on the expert server too easily and are pretty much noobs


There should be an exam, like to get in IFATC! It would help things so much, and also should bump to grade 4!

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I feel that the Casual Server is more realistic now (somewhat) because the users on expert are as high as it gets and just start messing around. Now the people on Casual Server are trying to get their grades up so they try to be as realistic as possible.


I think we can all agree on one thing regarding this. It’s a problem. A problem that could be fixed? Probably not, but it can be treated. Look at the topic below.

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See that is the hard part, every once and awhile I will get a few violations and get knocked down a grade but I sill fly and am just as professional as being grade 5…

However I do understand what you are saying.


This would be called a natural phenomenon called “Summer Pilots”
Now that summer has started more lesser educated pilots are taking to the sky causing issues for the rest of us. All we can do is hope they stick around enough to find the forums and gain enough knowledge to fly properly.


They should watch this video:


And he’s a grade 4 smh

I don’t get why people think grade 4/5 pilots must be professionals? grade 4/5 is just a matter of hours and landings some people play the sim as if it’s an progression game and their main objective is getting high scores, I never cared about the whole grade thing since it’s means nothing for me cause it doesn’t equal actual experience and professionalism of the pilot. never take those grades seriously.

I agree with other people who said that there should be something like some exams to get to the Expert server and not just relying on the progression system.


Obviously, the aircraft must have done a go around. However, that other aircraft shouldn’t have entered the runway either.
(If he is doing patterns, my bad)