You can always go around (Infinite Flight remix)

Hi IFC!!
I would like to introduce an aviation song-“You can always go around”. I remixed it with IF version. Hope you enjoy!!!

Server: solo
Link of the video:

Original video:

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Hope you enjoy this video!!


Most of them don’t like like “go arounds” , more like a bad touch and go…
And RIP to that Ryanair.


It is quite difficult to do in solo… I will do better next time😉

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I love the original but SWISS001’s video isn’t the original, he remixed it as well


Thanks for let me know

Why no one wants to like my video😭


Remember, it’s not always about the amount of likes you get. It’s about the creativity that people have to post in this category.

Nice video!


i remember that video on big jet tv. what a landing a go around. LOVE that song. now i blame you for putting in my head lol

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The first airport is VHHH right?

No it is RKSI.

This is great 😂.

I like the idea behind this video a lot. Nicely done!

Thank you謝謝

This should not be in #screenshots-and-videos as it is only reserved for infinite flight content, please change this or it could be flagged

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Why? Mostly it contains IF content.

i really love the video

and the making of it, you mostly aim to butter it but when for a video you cant, i get that feeling.

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I really dont think this video doesnt have IF content, its mostly based on IF solo mode so…

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Not correct my guy