You Call This A 3D Airport?

Ok, @lucaviness do you have an explanation for this?

One singular object lol…not very 3D in my opinion


I think as long as there is a 3D object there. It is considered 3D. Lol


What else would you describe the airport as?

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I mean, if you look on google maps is there any more than a windsock and pavement?


I’ll see….

Ladies and gentlemen. May be I present to you Infinite Flights first 2D3D Airport.

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Seems like there are buildings and stuff…

Lol indeed…

Yes i agree with this, please remember that other airports dont have nothing at all. Not even a wind sock.

So please be greatful for what we get.

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Those building are outside of the airport boundary. Editors cannot add anything outside the boundary. While it may seem disappointing to only see a windsock there, that airport is in the “middle of nowhere”. Images to me seem just like an airstrip.