"You are leaving my airspace, frequency change approved"

“You are leaving my airspace, frequency change approved” could be a very useful command for those who dont bother to contact departure or center, or even approach. It would force them to contact Departure, Center, or Approach (if nobody else is available). This would help avoid frequency clogging at towers at airports such as KLAX or KSAN.


Either could work, in my opinion.

What’s the different between “You are leaving my airspace…” And “Frequency change approved, goodbye” or “Contact Socal departure, good day”? The problem is they don’t change frequency after you order them to change, they just clog up the tower, I think after you hands-off it should change to unicam automatically, then it’s upto them to tune who ever they want to.


I believe most of them dont know how to change the frequency…😊it would be nice if the strip automatically gets erased when freq chnge approved by the controller