'You are in the Pattern' ATC Command

how about an option to remain the pilot that they are in a pattern, so when pilot request for remaining in the pattern and just flew away, ATC can have the option to say like “You are in a pattern” or something like that than i can be followed by check help pages so that pilot know what they did wrong


This one is hard because there are more variables to it than that. The “You’re already cleared to land…” command works when people just randomly announce they are on final because they are locked into an activity. With this I see it as it is the same as check help pages. The only thing I could see would be “Check help pages for pattern usage” which could come in handy for situations like this and also times where pilots do not know left from right downwind.

Personally I would like a “Confirm runway assignment” for people who line up on the wrong runway. Something to get people to realize “oh crap I am on L vs R”.

Also this should go in features.


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