You and your little brother

If you’ve ever had a run in on the expert server, you can always inquire or appeal your ghost. Unfortunately, misbehaving pilots will find that “bad controllers” will not be willing to reverse ghosts. Rest assured, however, there is one sure fire way to reverse your ghost and back to trolling the expert server for fun. You guessed it; blame your little brother!

Why blaming your little brother works
It’s just so difficult to own up to your mistake yourself, so why not blame someone else for it? The best people to blame are of course your family members because they could be using the same device that you are using. You can’t blame your parents or an older sibling because that would just look foolish and they’re supposed to be more mature than that. You also can’t blame your sister because girls are just too “prim and proper” for this sort of thing. That leaves you with your little brother. Younger boys are particularly troublesome and just cause so much ruckus and would be the ones responsible for taxiing through others and interfering with other aircraft. Perfect!

What if you don’t have a little brother
Blame him anyways, the controller in question will never know how many siblings you have. They’ll of course have to give you the benefit of the doubt and just take your word for it. You’ll even have a higher chance of getting your ghost reversed if you promise to keep your device away from your little brother. And wallah, instantly your ghost is reversed until you decide to misbehave again. But wait, didn’t you promise to keep the device away from your little brother? Oh well, just blame “the other little brother” no one will ever know that you had 2, 3, or even 4.

In all seriousness
While I’ve seen only a handful of these, it’s a dumb excuse. Don’t try to put the blame on someone else when we all know that you were the one who messed up. The expert server is meant to be for serious and mature users and I would only expect the same level of maturity when dealing with appeals. Take a look at my guide to appealing ghosts if you’re looking to appeal your ghost the right way.


Well know if you do actually have a little brother and he causes you to get a ghost the mods are going to be fishy about you saying this after they read this lol

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I totally agree haha. It’s your responsibility for your flight and you should be near your device always.

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I never let my little bro go inside a 10 feet radius of my device while I’m flying. EVER

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I’m at a total loss what you’re try to say or achieve with your post.
Have you been drinking perhaps?


Lol my little brother got me 3 violations before 😂


As controller you need to look at every incidents as unique. Don’t need to stereotype.

Ha! I wish.

For what it’s worth, most of the post is meant to be considered humorous. It is meant to mock those who are unable to understand that the “my little brother did it” excuse is not enough to reverse a ghosting.


@naro… MaxSez: I really like novelty openers/titles, well thought out dialog with a purpose, originality, good prose, segways to a Tutorial and all the bell and whistles that this Topic illustrates.
Well Done Naro, Here’s a BZ hoist, you earned it.
Respectfully, Max


My little brother (my dog) caused me to crash and receive 6 violations!!! (that is a true story)


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I think my brother actually did get me a violation once… oh wait that was me

@BigBert10. MaxSez: Good Stuff but, had a taxi Overspeed the other day. 1st in awhile, T/G with a 172. Just launched, Dog had to go, went away from the device to do my/his duty. 172 ran on until it reached higher ground then landed and continued to roll at 50GS for those nasty 7 day penalties and a Grade Loss. Damm Dog I blame “Him”
Regards old friend, Max


So basically all the people that actually have little siblings are getting called liars ? For those who are only child’s may find this funny but for those of us who actually have a handful of siblings this is kind of like bashing us when we are actually telling the truth

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@anon82246052 What or who else do we blame when we get ghosted? 😜


Ahh, we all know by now. @anon82246052’s ferret 😂