You actually talk for ATC like Zello [Poll]

Before I start, I could not find the feature category (not coming up) I will change it as soon as I can.

So I was wondering; Rather than having a robotic women talk why not talk with our voices?

Now I know loads of bullying would arise from this because then people can express there feelings to other people and how bad they are at being a pilot. What the pilot can do is use the report user button or there could be a voting system to kick the ATC/pilot off the server.

Now it wouldn’t be me if it didn’t have a poll.

  • Sounds like an amazing idea!
  • Few flaws (please tell me what they are!)
  • Hate it!

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Remember to like the post if you want this feature cause then that would raise attention.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you like my idea!

Happy Landings!


Duplicate topic, search before posting. This idea has already been vetoed.

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This could be done on the Free Flight server only.

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Proper moderation will be extremely difficult. Good idea, hard to implement.

I want this game so real as possible so I want this idea

because if you choose to be a Zelio ATC in a non active atc airport somewhere, nobody can know the ATC is really controlling the airport.

Of course, just connecting IF Live ATC to a airport for take the frequency, and use Zello in the same time (nobody can pick the IF frequency if you, Zello ATC, open the IF ATC frequency of the airport)

and youre displayed name can be “myname (Zello ATC)”

I don’t think bullying or abuse of the voice system would be the main problem (that’s said I still think it would be a problem and you would probably need an age limit of 18+.) Think of it like this, if you are controlling both on Zello and in IF ATC the people who don’t have Zello and are just using the normal commands will not know what anybody else is doing, they will not know who is ahead of them to land (granted they might know that they are number 3 but they still won’t know who numer 2 or 1 are). And if you are only controlling in Zello, and the IF ATC remains empty or even worse operated by someone else this will cause complete confusion, the person actually controlling the IF ATC will have no clue why so many people are landing without his permission, and he people using Unicom (if the frequency remained empty) would not know you were controlling on Zello.

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I disagree with your 18+ rule. A lot of us are younger than 18. I don’t think having that rule would solve the problem.


I didn’t mean you have to have Zello. The women would be replaced and when you tap the headset, your microphone activates. And only 1 person is allowed to talk.

So the automated women will be completely gone!


A bit like vatsim

No need to comment on something like this after a year, especially if you disagree with it. You’re Necroposting as well.

The idea is great, but there are a few flaws. One as you mentioned the bullying and also most TS1 pilots aren’t matrue enough. My recommendation for this feature is to be only on expert server.

@A330fan, this is necroposting. You know this by now.