Yoshi_flyer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A - Practical Passed!


Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I am thinking about applying for IFATC, so I would appreciate if you could come by. Your feedback and tips are greatly appreciated as I am still learning. Thanks!

I will announce where I am open in the thread.

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I am currently open at KSMF

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Yoshi! I was BABYBUS. Decent job at KSMF today. Here are some comments.

  • One: this is a minor thing, but it’s something I do every time I go into a new ATC thread for the first time. When I request a change to tower’s frequency, it’s a redundant action. The taxi instructions gave me permission to contact tower, so you should just tell me that I was already instructed to change frequency.
  • Two: good job on the clear for takeoff w/traffic direction, as well as the first cleared for the option.
  • Three: when an aircraft calls inbound, you must give them pattern instructions if there’s no Approach frequency on guard. For United 352, you cleared them directly, which isn’t proper procedure. You’ll only clear aircraft directly if they call inbound on the ILS/GPS and Approach is on guard.
  • Four: when I requested a change to 16L, you needed to give me a pattern instruction (and sequence if needed). Any runway change requires a pattern instruction. After that, you must also tell them to make left or right traffic when clearing them for the option on a new runway. After the first clearance, you won’t need the left/right traffic part.
  • Five: Having N143747 extend downwind wasn’t needed. They were a small plane and can turn base early; furthermore, extending their downwind only put them closer with the United 352 aircraft, and you would want your small planes far away from jets because the small planes are slower.
  • Six: good job on the transition, many people miss that!
  • Seven: when I called inbound for touch and go on 16L, I need pattern instructions (like I mentioned earlier), as well as traffic instructions when you clear me for the option (left/right).
  • Eight: same issue as when I called inbound for landing on 16R. I need pattern instructions. However, you only needed to clear me for landing because I was calling inbound to land, and that means I’m gonna stop flying.

Here are the major things I think you should work on:

  • Pattern instructions: when to use them, and how to use them
  • Runway changes
  • When to use extend downwind/turn base/I’ll call your base

Here’s what you were pretty good at:

  • Sequencing (honestly, very good job)
  • Transitions
  • Overall flow of things

I think you’re on the right track. You definitely have the basics relatively familiarized; just some things require a bit more familiarization. To learn more about when and how to use pattern instructions, refer to section 6.5 in the IFATC Manual, page 13. For a refresher on clearing for the option/runway changes, refer to section 6.4 in the IFATC Manual, page 12.

Please feel free to let me know if you have more questions or would like some clarification on things, I’ll be glad to help out. You’re doing decent, just keep practicing!


Thank you very much for that feedback! I will keep those things in mind for the future. Thanks for coming!

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I am open at KSAN

I’d really appreciate if anyone could come and give feedback!

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I’ll stop by!

How long will you be open for?

Depends… Maybe an hour or so? What time is a good time for you because I can stay open?

I could probably come within the next half hour.

Okay sounds good, thanks! Also thanks @Smax and @Brantain!


Flying the TBM-930. There are improvements I could think of right now:

  • Give a sequence asap. You did not do that. Since I am following the jet that overflew the airspace, you should have said that the traffic is to follow (w/e position the first aircraft is).

  • That said, when he did the T/G, he was still number one. You said he was #2. Keep the order consistent.

  • Bit of a nitpicking for this point but you should have let me take off before the jet. In real life, if you had me line up and wait for takeoff, I would have been blasted off by the jet.

You’ve got the fundamentals down!


Understood. Thank you very much for coming and that feedback!

Hello! I was N857DL in the A318…

  • Good transition altitude. Transition altitudes = elevation (rounded to nearest thousand) + 1500 + 1000.

  • Good entry and clearance

  • N711TP requested remaining in the pattern departure and was cleared for takeoff (TO). When clearing remaining in the pattern departures you always give cleared for TO, make l/r traffic.

  • Late 2nd sequence and clearance.

  • No sequence on second pattern.

  • No sequence on third pattern.

  • For every pattern, you must give a sequence and clearance

  • Good work with that immediate takeoff!

  • Good exit and parking instructions.

Not a bad session. We have a couple of things to work on, most notably sequencing and clearing. Here are a couple of resources that you can use:

Good luck and feel free to PM with any questions!

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Thank you for coming and your feedback!

This is what I needed to hear - I understand now that I need to give sequences!

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anytime! good luck :))

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Hi, I was N269LO

  • great pattern entrys
  • good sequences for the most part
  • I didn’t get a sequence for my second t&g.
  • Only my first clearance needed a traffic direction attached. It wasn’t needed for my second.

Thanks for the service,

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Thanks for coming and the feedback! Definitely going to work on my sequences and clearances.

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Open at KFAT

Time: about 45 minutes (maybe longer)

I will be focusing on sequences and clearances.

I’d really appreciate if you could come by and give feedback!

Hello, I was Air Europa,

  • When I requested runway change to 29L, you did not give an an option with after the option make left/right traffic command (in this case, number 1 runway 29L cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic) should have been given.) Remember, when an aircraft requests runway change or calls inbound for touch and go, give them the direction (after the option, make left or right traffic) command.
  • The transition was incorrect. Aiport elevation was 334 feet, so add 2500+334 = 2534… then always round up, which gives you 3000ft for transition.

Everything else was good. Thanks for your controlling and good luck to becoming IFATC!

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Thanks for coming and the feedback!

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