So I was enjoying playing this amazing game, and decided to purchase a yoke with throttle quadrant from Logitech, I don’t know why, but I assumed that yokes are also supported by infinite flight since I saw “joystick” somewhere in the settings, and now, when I tried it out it turns out that live flight connect just doesnt recognize my yoke. Is there just no support for yokes or is there a problem in my yoke ? Honestly I always thought that yokes are supported since in almost every aircraft in the game there is a yoke :D… And even if yokes aren’t supported currently, I really would appreciate if you guys would add yokes. Thank you.

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There is support for yokes, when I got mine I had to install a driver on my PC for it to work. It also works through USB, depending on what device you use.

Hello what operating system does your device have. iOS or Android?

Joysticks are supported by the way aswell, take a look below:


Was just about to drop that😅

I have an iOS device.

Okay look through the topic I linked and try to work through it. Make sure the relevant settings on IF are on aswell

Wish i could plug my mouse or xbox controller like xplane 9 or FSX

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I use a yoke with IF and it works. Insted of using Live Connect, get a usb adapter for your device and then go to settings. In settings, you could assign the yoke **_AND throttle.

@Captain_Felix that only works on android fyi

Oh. I have an Android phone so I supposed that it would work on iOS.

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