Yokes for infinite flight

Hello i know people have posted about this topic before but i was wondering if anyone has used the ch yoke because its the cheapest and because i use infinite flight as my main flight sim and i was wondering if it would work and be worth it

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Lol bad way to start a topic. If it’s been made before go there first. Then if it doesn’t cover what you need we can help you out a bit more ;)

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If you know there are already thread/s about thiswhy did you open another one.

Yes but does that cover yokes? Edit: it doesn’t say anything about yoke support.


It does say the steps of how to connect a joystick to IF. So possibly do the exact same steps instead this time connect a yoke. If it doesn’t work, it probably means there is no Yoke support in IF at this moment.

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This will talk a bit more about yokes…

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This should help Good Day!